2012 Laser Canadian Nationals: Sunday

The prospect for wind today wasn’t very great. The RC initially postponed us for about an hour and a half before bringing AP down with the intent on towing everyone out in hopes of getting in a race or two before some showers moved in. Some of the locals weren’t too optimistic about it and with a 13-hour drive ahead of me I decided to get on the road. I packed and left just after 11am and found out later that racing was abandoned without actually sailing a race. 

So I spent the day driving to Lake Carlyle in Illinois where I will be crewing on Len Guenther’s Flying Scot Wind Dancer (5055) in the Flying Scot North American Championship this week. 


1 Comment on “2012 Laser Canadian Nationals: Sunday

  1. Hi Jon,

    Nice shots, and I hope you enjoyed your time with us at EYC.

    I’m the web geek for the website supporting the Canadian Nationals, and I’d like your permission to use 3 to 6 of your photos at medium resolution (eg 640×480) on the regatta site, with proper accreditation of course.

    If you’re ok with this, please email me, or reply to this comment.


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