2013 Lake Norman Yacht Club Board Bash: Sunday

We got an early start on Sunday of the Board Bash Regatta at Lake Norman Yacht Club with our first warning at 9:25.  My tent was only slightly wet through the overnight rain showers.

We started the race with winds in the mid-teens and out of a completely different direction than yesterday.  It was a bit cooler too.  I had a great start and made my way upwind just ahead of the pack of boats.  In these conditions I was fully de-powered and holding the boat down… but John Mellnik and Stanley Hassinger just kept the boat a little flatter and a little faster all the way around the course and I was never really able to catch them ending up in 3rd.

In the 2nd race I was OCS at the start and had to come back and restart behind the fleet.  This race was a 5 leg race with a finish to windward.  Stanley and John got away again and I was just behind the next pack – Mark, Stephen, Finn and Conner.  Downwind we mostly stayed the same.  Upwind I had just a little more speed despite some of them picking better shifts.  On the final upwind I was able to get ahead and finish 3rd giving me 3rd overall for the regatta.  I also won the social media award for posting to facebook and twitter during the regatta and racing.

9/20 Lake Norman Yacht Club Board Bash Regatta3rd place.

Having never been to Lake Norman Yacht Club I was incredibly impressed with the place and all of the people there.  I had a great time and will definitely be back again.  Thanks again to Bill and Angie Wiggins for all their work to put together the regatta.  I’m looking forward to sailing with some of the D12 Laser sailors again in Columbia in a couple weeks.


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