2016 Easter Laser Regatta: Friday

Friday I completed the last bit of the drive to Austin and after a work meeting during the morning in town, headed over to Austin Yacht Club for some practice ahead of the Easter Laser Regatta.  This is an event that had been on my bucket list some time and everything worked out to be able to do it this year.

Late in the afternoon, me and Forest Atkins, from the Dallas Laser Fleet, headed out for some practice.  The wind was a perfect 10-12 with mostly flat water.  This was my second day out with the MkII sail and nearly 5 months since the last Laser regatta I sailed.  And it showed.  I spent most of the first hour just remembering what the boat felt like and getting the new sail tuned correctly.  The more we sailed the more speed I found.  2 hours later we headed in and then met up with some more of the Dallas Laser Fleet members for dinner nearby.


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