Group Photo Webster/Wade Wedding

This weekend was the wedding of Chris Webster and Heather Wade. Chris was one of my roommates my Senior Year at ECU. Heather was a regular at our parties and despite both of them having significant others at the time, things eventually worked out for them and 5 years later, they are getting married. Congratulations Chris and Heather! I am very proud and happy for you both and look forward to many more years of tailgating and hanging out.

Here are my photos from the weekend as well as a dance-off video.

Housewarming Cheers

After many months of work on the house I finally got it in ship shape and threw a housewarming party. I was joined by friends from work, kickball, high school, soccer and others and everyone had a great time at the bar, play pool, or on the patio playing beer pong and flip cup. Thank you to everyone who came and I am looking forward to many more parties just like it. Here are photos.

District Secretaries

The first weekend of May was the 2009 Laser Atlantic Coast Championship (standard rig). 84 Lasers sailed in a variety conditions for two days in Annapolis, Maryland. Results are here. Off-the-water photos are here.

This photo is of me and my fellow District Secretaries: Jon Deutsch (D11), John Shockey (D18), John Coolidge (D17), Eric Reitinger (D10)

The Company Softball Team Website Screen Shot

This week my softball team kicks off our season. The team is comprised mostly of my co-workers and it has been 4 years since we last had a team. To help the team captain manage the team and provide a way to share information, stats, photos and anything else we might want, I created a website – This is my first project using WordPress and I think it turned out pretty well. I hope to get a little more familiar with the software and start using it for my other websites to save myself some of the trouble of hand coding everything. And follow the team on twitter @companysoftball.

Chris and Chris Batchelor Party in New Orleans

I got to spend a weekend in New Orleans in March with a few of my buddies from ECU for Chris’ Bachelor Party. It was my first time to The Big Easy. We had a great time visiting the places on Bourbon Street and seeing some of the sights. Two days was definitely not enough time to see New Orleans. Some day I will have to live in a town where you can drink beer on the street. Here’s a short video of some of the things we saw.

2009 House under snow

Here’s a photo of the house on 3/2 after the snowfall the night before. It’s been a week since I moved in and I am slowly getting settled. Hopefully in a few more weeks these boxes will be gone and I’ll get some photos of the renovation/moving posted.

2009 Laser ACC Website Screenshot

This is the website for the 2009 Laser Atlantic Coast Championship that I just launched with the event organizers from Severn Sailing Association. The site will serve as the central source for information about the two events in May and June. We have a few experiments going both in marketing the site and event as well as tracking how the website is used. Check it out at

This year I spent New Years Eve in Memphis with friends from ECU. We saw the Liberty Bowl Parade and watched ECU play Kentucky in the Liberty Bowl. We had a great time in Memphis and Beale Street was a blast. If the outcome of the game had been a little different it would have been a perfect weekend. Photos have been posted as well as a highlight video (lower quality) and a couple panoramic shots of the stadium.

Sold sign on my house

Today I completed the purchase of my first house. It’s on the south side of the James River off Forest Hill near Pony Pasture. It is a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath ranch. We had a bit of a hickup with work to properly close up an abandoned underground storage tank being completed while we were finishing the paperwork. But it all came together and I’m looking forward to fixing a few things up and moving in sometime in the next month. Stay tuned for more pictures.