Here’s an article about me at the Ware River Governor’s Cup Regatta winning the Congressman’s Cup:

This past weekend I was witness to an incredible performance by Jon Deutsch sailing in the laser fleet at the 43rd Annual Governors Cup. Not only did Jon win every single race to take first place, he was also recognized for his efforts off the racecourse by winning the Congressman’s Cup for outstanding sportsmanship. At the awards ceremony Jon was lauded for his efforts to help his fellow competitors sail better by helping them to improve the rigging of their boats.

On Saturday, Jon noticed that some sailors forgot their clew tie-downs which holds the clew of the sail to the end of the boom. Without a clew tie-down, the sail is less efficient and the boat goes slower. On Sunday, with properly rigged boats, the boast-speed of all the competitors was much more even and the racing was significantly more competitive.

The race management team took note of Jon’s efforts and selected him as the recipient of the award for sportsmanship out of the huge number of competitors in the Albacore, Hampton One Design, Buccaneer, Mobjack, Moth, Laser and handicap fleets. Compared to what Jon contributes to local Laser sailing through his efforts as District Chairman for Laser District 11 (covering Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware) and as Laser Fleet captain at FBYC, his contribution to the Governors Cup Laser fleet was small, but it is great to see that they were so richly rewarded.

Congratulations Jon! – Dave Porter

It has been a few years and it is finally time to post a revamped version of my website. The primary use of the site has been to share and display photos from friends, sailing, soccer and other events I attend. The site works much better now for pictures. Also included is a Content Management and photo blogging tool. I have no intention of spilling my guts out here, but it’s a quick and easy way for me to hightlight things I’ve been doing and link to other sites as well as display random photos.


  • Picture collections are now divided up to pages. This reduces the number of thumbnails that need to be loaded.
  • Cleaner URLs
  • A blogging/content management system has been added.

Future Enhancements:

  • Comment feature for photos
  • Picture search feature
  • Ability for me to update the site via text message from my cell phone (Pictures & Text).
  • RSS feed

Optis at Norfolk Yacht and Country Club ready to launch
Optis at Norfolk Yacht and Country Club ready to launch

I was in Norfolk to help Norfolk Yacht and Country Club put on the USODA Nationals. I helped with a variety of things from running the starts/finishes for the Green Fleet, keeping score for the Green Fleet, monitoring the weather for the championship fleet and of course taking a lot of pictures.

Racing in near the port in the Elizabeth River during the Girls National Championship
Racing in near the port in the Elizabeth River during the Girls National Championship

USODA Nationals Pictures | USODA Girls Nationals Pictures