GoPro Mast Mount

This GoPro mast mount should work for all mast sizes from a Laser on up.  It was modeled after a mount seen on Layline’s website.  On a Laser the mount can be used to film what’s ahead, or by putting it to the side and using some extenders can point backwards towards the cockpit.  Obviously the mast rotation will result in some less than ideal shooting angles some of the time.

I used an Easy on/off bracket mast mount, but instead of using a stick-on or tripod mount, I drilled out the bracket part of a helmet mount and used two stainless steel bolts to attach it.  The other solutions are probably sufficient, but I wanted something that would be bullet proof as I see myself mounting this in some places that I couldn’t exactly get to in a pinch if something went wrong.

GoPro Mast Mount on a LaserMounted on a Laser mast pointed forward GoPro Mast Mount Laser forward viewView pointed forward
Parts Needed:

Tools Needed:

  • drill with 1/4 drill bit
  • needle nose pliers or wrench
  • screw driver
  • hack saw

Easy on/off bracket and GoPro Helmet Mount with an extra hole drilled in the v-mount for the mount.

GoPro Mast Mount easy on/off bracket and GoPro helmet mount

GoPro Helmet mount mounted to the easy on/off bracket.

GoPro Helmet mount mounted to the easy on/off bracket

From the back showing the screws cut to the proper length with a hack saw so they didn’t protrude toward the mast any further.

GoPro mast mount from above

*I used two 36″ Velcro straps which might be overkill for a Laser mast, but I actually found it to work quite well and be very secure.

GoPro Mast Mount Velcro

Finished bracket mounted on a Laser mast with Velcro straps which were wrapped around the mast 3-4 times.

GoPro Mast Mount on a Laser

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2 comments on “GoPro Mast Mount
  1. Kevin Larkin says:


    Do you know of anyone who has mounted a GoPro on the top of a yacht mast? I need to mount one for an upcoming race on a Beneatau 31 yacht. I want to put on the top of the mast so it doesn’t interfere with the main or the jib.

    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Eugene says:

    What do you think of “The Strap” It seems that the arm/leg strap might be big enough to mount it on the mast.

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