2020 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship: Sunday

Jon onboard the RIB taking pictures. Photo by Paul Almany.

Day 2 of the 39th Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship and we were set to have very nice weather for mid-October – 8-12 knots out of the east. I arrived early to the club as I always do to get breakfast ready for the sailors and get the day started. I also had some last-minute to-dos including putting the trophies together. In the process of cutting some line I cut my finger. I wasn’t too bad of a cut, but it was right across my pointer finger – right where I would be holding a line. I thought it best not to sail and risk it not healing or getting worse, so I bandaged it up, put a rubber glove over it and a sailing glove over that and went out on a RIB to take pictures and be an extra safety boat.

Photo by Paul Almany

This was one of the first times I’ve photographed Lasers with my Nikon D300s and 18-200mm. That combination was great – it’s relatively light and easy to hold and being able to zoom all the way in and back out without changing lenses meant I could easily change perspectives.

In the end it was another terrific Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Regatta. Even with COVID precautions it all ran pretty smoothly and everyone had a great time. Thanks again to all of the sailors who made the trip. To James Jacob on winning this regatta for the record 6th time. And to all of the RC, volunteers and staff who continue to make this one of the most special events on the bay, in the laser class and at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.

RESULTS | Jon’s Pictures | Paul Almany Pictures

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2020 Stingray Point Regatta Photos

Day one of the Stingray Point Regatta was a breezy one. This was my first time taking sailing pictures with a new-to-me Nikon D300s and it’s great to have a camera again to take pictures with. We watched the finish of the first race and the start of the 2nd race and got some great shots.


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Ware River Yacht Club Sunset

We visited friends sailing Albacore’s at Ware River Yacht Club’s Governor’s Cup regatta and got to see an absolutely beautiful sunset. There was a pretty Blue Jay sailboat anchored in front of the club that made for a great subject. This was my first time really using a new to me Nikon D300s that I had picked up a few weeks ago.


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Nikon D300s

Having gone without an SLR for a few years I finally picked up a used Nikon D300s. It’s 10 years old and doesn’t do video well or have many fancy features, but is just enough to capture some sailing shots and some sunset shots that the iphone just can’t quite do justice. I paired it with a used 18-200 (not pictured).

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2020 FBYC Moonlight Race Start

FBYC had a beautiful start to the Moonlight race. We got to go for an evening cruise and captured some stunning photos of the fleet. What a great way to start the July 4th weekend!


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2018 Favorite Photos

Another year of adventures. Here are my favorite photos from 2018:

Jimmy Buffet Concert in Charlottesville

Jimmy Buffett Concert in Charlottesville

Model Sailboat racing on Lake Rooty

Model Sailboat racing on Lake Rooty

4/23 Day 2: Athens city tour

The Parthenon during a VCU class trip to Greece & Cyprus

Old boats on the shore at sunset

Old boats in front of the sunset during the Laser D10 Championship

Kitty Hawk Beach

Beach scene in Kitty Hawk during a week trip in June.

Jackson Creek Sunset

Jackson Creek Sunset from the dock at FBYC after the Smith Point Race

Raven at its mooring during the US Laser Masters in Brant Beach NJ

FBYC Laser Frostbite Regatta


Snowman in front of the house during a December snow storm.

Here are the 2017, 2016, 20152014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 photos.

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2017 Favorite Photos

2017 was the first year I took nearly all of my photos with a camera phone having sold everything except an iPhone (6s and later 8+) and a GoPro Hero 3+.  Here are my favorite photos from 2017:

The TP52 fleet on the hard in West Palm

5/11 Sunset Concert Sail

Sunset on White Rock Lake

FBYC Cut Channel Race Start

Sunset Laser Sailing on White Rock Lake

Wednesday Night Laser Racing at Corinthian Sailing Club in Dallas

ECU Football sunset

Sunset at ECU’s Dowdy-Ficklen stadium during the game against JMU

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves on the street

Hiking Richmond

Hiking on Black Friday #OptOutside

Richmond Skyline while Hiking on Black Friday #OptOutside

12/5 VCU Basketball vs Texas

VCU Siegel Center during the basketball game against Texas

Here are the 2016, 20152014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 photos.

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2017 FBYC Women’s Clinic

I was at FBYC for the women’s clinic helping launch boats and I was able to get out on the water and take some pictures.


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2016 Favorite Photos

Another year of great memories.  Here are my favorite photos from 2016:

Las Vegas view from the Stratosphere

Views from the top of the Stratosphere during a trip to Las Vegas

Tulips at the Dallas Arboretum

Tulips at the Dallas Arboretum

Vancamping at Lake Norman

Lightning Races

Lightning sailing on Lake Norman

Glasses and city views as seen from The Boathouse during Lauren & Patrick’s wedding.

Rainbow over Stove Point

Rainbow seen over Stove point during FBYC Offshore Spring Series #3

Memorial Day Weekend: Friday

FBYC Open House Sunflower Raft up

Open House Regatta

6/6 OBX beach

6/7 Manteo


Sun setting behind hobie on LBI

Laser District 10 Championship

Sunset Cruise aboard Tradition - July 4th Weekend

July 4th

Multnomah Falls - Portland Oregon

Portland Trip

FBYC J/70 Friday Night Series – August 26

Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

11/12 SMU

ECU Football vs SMU

City of Richmond as seen from the Tyler Potterfield Bridge



Here are the 20152014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 photos.

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2016 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

It was the 35th Anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship and the regatta is finally old enough to be a competitor.  The color coral commemorates a 35th anniversary and the shirts we designed turned out pretty cool:

Regatta tshirt

The first day saw medium winds just into the double digits with mostly clear skies.  In 5 races we had some close competition up top between Gavin O’Hare and Charlie Brewer who both finished the day tied with 20 points.  Mike Schmidt was close behind in the 41 boat fleet.

Alain and his kitchen crew prepared another fabulous me and a tent city popped up full of sailors.

Sunday started out with no wind and we waited ashore as it began to build about an hour later.  A little lighter than yesterday we ran a little shorter courses and made it through 4 more races.  Charlie and Gavin stayed close and Gavin managed to edge just ahead of Charlie to win the championship.

Thanks to Alain, Rick, Len, Frank and everyone else who helped make this another great Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship.  And after 13 years of only being the event chair – I’ll be looking forward to next year where I can both run it and qualify to sail in it!


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