4th of July

2019 July 4th Weekend

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend down on the Piankatank River. Highlights included boat rides, beach walks, fireworks, picking crabs, relaxing and helping around the river house.


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2018 July 4th on the James

On this Wednesday 4th of July Jess and I joined my family including my sister and her husband for Fireworks on the upper James River west of Richmond from the boat.  It was a nice night for anchoring under the stars and watching a great fireworks show.


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2016 July 4th

Actually happened on the 2nd.  I joined Blake, Julia and other friends aboard Tradition for a cruise down to Edentide to watch fireworks.


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2015 July 4th FBYC Long Distance Race


We had a beautiful day for racing in the July 4th Long Distance Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  28 boats ranging from J/70 to S2 7.9 to Flying Scot to Front Runner to Laser to 420 were on the starting line for a Portsmouth Handicap race of about 8 miles.  Being short of crew I took the Laser and did my best not to fall too far behind the fleet especially as one of the smaller boats.  I could do pretty well on the upwind and downwind legs, but on the reaches – the boats with 2 sails and especially those with asymmetrical spinnakers would just walk away.  In the end it was a respectable 13th – just above mid-table.


Following racing there were over 200 people for a cookout followed by a little rain followed by fireworks well into the night.


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2014 July 5 Fireworks

Some photos of shooting off Fireworks by the Piankatank on Saturday night.  All photos taken with a Nikon D7000 Fish eye 10.5mm lens F5 8-10 second exposures ISO 800.

More Pictures

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2014 July 4th

Hurricane Arthur spoiled our plans to do the Annual Long Distance Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  I was going to be sailing a Front Runner but the storm rolled through in the morning hours and so the racing was cancelled.  The Hurricane was well east of us and all we got was some rain and wind for a few hours.  We never saw winds much above 40.

Once the rain subsided much of the rest of the day was spent hanging out and doing a little bit a boat work.  By the afternoon the sun was out and it was a beautiful day albeit still a little windy.  We went for a boat ride, enjoyed the 4th of July party and band at the club  and then went out for another boat ride to watch fireworks 360-degrees all around.

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2013 July 4th Fireworks

Some photos of sparklers and Fireworks in Richmond’s Dogwood Dell.

spelling my name.

Tory and Matt making a heart

Fireworks at the Carillon



The Carillon with the smoke from the fireworks behind it.

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2013 July 4th FBYC One Design Long Distance Race

Thursday was July 4th and Fishing Bay Yacht Club‘s annual one design long distance race.  I was able to borrow a Front Runner and a co-worker of mine – Stephen Boling came out to crew.  Stephen had never been on a sailboat before.  We headed out, got to practice each maneuver once and then the race started.

Getting ready to go sail

The race started right of the FBYC dock and the first leg took us south out of Fishing Bay 3/5 of the way across the river to the far side of the channel.  We had perfect start, right at the boat, right at the gun and were able to pin some of the other boats to the left side of the course for a bit.  Upwind we picked a nice lane of wind right up the middle of the bay and found ourselves 1st at the windward mark.

Braun family as the rest of the Front Runners overtake us while we dealt with spin problems.

We set  the chute on the 2nd leg which took us due east on a race about a mile to another channel marker.  What we didn’t realize when we first set the chute was that it was very twisted at the top.  After a few boats started to pass us, we had to take it up and down a few times to get the twist out.  By the time we close-reached down to the 1/2 way mark, we were easily 300 yards behind the lead pack of 5 boats.

The fleet just ahead of us by the halfway point.

Sailing the next two upwind legs we had good speed and I picked good angles and we actually passed 3 of the boats. By the finish we were within 20 yards of the 2nd boat over the line. If only we had another 3 miles, we could have contended for the lead. Unfortunately, all 3 of the top boats owed the Flying Scot, sailed by John & Sharon Wake, time and they corrected over us, putting us in 4th overall.

I want to thank the Front Runner fleet for letting me borrow a boat and Stephen Boling for coming out to crew.

Photos | Results

Photos above by Stephen Boling.

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July 4 Weekend

I had an awesome weekend in Deltaville.  It started with the Inaugural Deltaville 5k.  With zero training I ran the whole thing and had a respectable finish of 26:07.

Jon at the Deltaville 5k

I took the weekend off from sailing to heal a minor wrist sprain and so  I went right from the 5k to doing race committee at Fishing Bay Yacht Club for the offshore Cut Channel Race.  I got a lot of great pictures of the offshore fleet here.

downwind during the Cut Channel Race

Saturday night was 4th of July partying, fireworks and swimming.  For Sunday’s racing we thought it was going to be a bit windy so I jumped on a Front Runner as a 3rd crew member, but halfway through the race the wind died and I sat out the next two light wind races and instead went sailing on a Byte in the afternoon.  Saturday night we again watched Fireworks.

Fireworks as seen from Fishing Bay Yacht Club. On the left is a firework from Stove Point while in the background are fireworks from Matthews County.

Monday was FBYC’s One Design Long Distance Race.  I normally would have sailed my Laser in this, but again I was sitting out to rest my sprained wrist.  I went out for the start and the first two legs to get some photos.  The entire collection is posted here.

Front Runners and a Mobjack sailing downwind in the One Design Long Distance Race

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July 4th

July 4th sparklers

I spent July 4 at the river in Deltaville. It was an incredible sight, just as the sun set, we could see people in all directions setting off their own fireworks along the banks of the Piankatank River.

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