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2016 FBYC Cut Channel Race

cut channel July2

We had a really nice day on Excitation for the Cut Channel Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  We started out with wind, but it died out in the middle of the bay as we sailed up the channel.  By then Afterthought was able to slip away in the wind they had and what filled in behind us was too little, too late.

cut channel July2


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2015 FBYC Cut Channel Race

Saturday’s Cut Channel Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club started out with extremely light wind and a postponement on the water.  When the wind started coming in – it never stopped and slowly built to 25+ by the end of the race.  It was no trouble for us on the J109 Double Eagle – we were well on our way to the finish by the time the wind really piped up.

With the wind out of the south east, the first leg was a beat to the south in order to get good leverage on the trip across the bay and across the current to the cut channel 3/4 of the way to the other side of the bay.  Unfortunately, we over stood just a little bit and our competition – J/109 Afterthought was a able to sneak just ahead of us for the trip up the channel.

On the final leg back to the Piankatank we made ourselves comfortable on the rail for the hour+ close beat complete with sunscreen and beer while watching porpoises alongside the boat.  We managed to claw back the lead Afterthought had put on us but couldn’t overcome it enough and were beat by a few seconds at the finish.


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2014 FBYC Cut Channel Race

Saturday was the Cut Channel Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and I was aboard Double Eagle with Sam Mitchener and 7 others for the race.  We couldn’t have asked for much better weather with 10-20 knots out of the East with sunny skies for the 29nm course.  We were among 2 other boats in the PHRF-A fleet and 18 total boats in the race.

We had a good start down by the pin right alongside the other J-109 Afterthought.  The first half of the race was a beat and for the first 2 miles Afterthought inched ahead of us to where they were 5 lengths ahead of us as we turned around C and headed for mark L.  As the wind built we had a better sail selection and a little more weight and were within a couple boat lengths by the time we got to L.

Afterthought crossing us on the way to Q:

From mark L we kept going south while Afterthought tacked and went North as we both made our way east across the bay to mark Q.  The current made all the difference pushing us closer to the mark and we were .8 mi ahead at Q.  As the wind eased and the conditions began to favor Afterthought for the 2nd half of the race they chewed some of that back and we crossed the finish line with a 3:15 minute lead and won our class and had the fastest corrected time of the whole fleet.

I ended up driving upwind and the reach for about 40 minutes which was good to give Sam a break and to see how the sails were affecting the trim.  Mayo, Bonnie, Ed, Matt L, Chris T, Holly F sailed well together and were fun to sail with.  All in all it was a good race and a good result – putting Double Eagle into contention later this year for the long distance series.

Pictures | Results

Our Course (blue) and our track (red dotted):

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2014 FBYC Opening Day

What a beautiful weekend to start the sailing season at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  The first race of the season was a middle distance race of 12.8 nm from the mouth of the Piankatank out to the entrance to the Rappahannock River and back.  I was sailing on Wavelength, a C&C37, with Rob Whittet and Steve Utley.  We were among the 20+ other boats gathered in the 8-10 knot northerly breeze and mostly sunny skies.

We had a great start in the 5-boat PHRF-A fleet that consisted of a J/109 Double Eagle, J/105s Corryvreckan and Shamrock, and modified Quest 30 Chilcoot.  The first leg was a short upwind leg inside the mouth of the Piankatank.  We then sailed close-hauled out to the entrance to the Rappahannock followed by a spinnaker run down to the entrance of the Piankatank.  Up until this point we were hanging with everyone except Double Eagle who was starting to get away from us.  At the turning mark the J/70s and the C and non-spin fleets were also using this as a turning mark.

Most of the fleet who had asymmetrical spinnakers went low on their way back to the finish up the Piankatank.  They weren’t laying the mark, but making really good VMG.  With a symmetrical spinnaker, we elected to take the high route with the #1 up.   About halfway back we could see Double Eagle get significantly headed and then drop the spinnaker.  They had to beat back to the mark, while we just cracked off and came back down to the rumb line nice and fast and closed the gap.  We didn’t beat them over the line, but had enough to make up the difference and won the race on corrected time.  What a great way to start the season.

This season will be bittersweet for Wavelength and crew – this will likely be the last spring series for the boat.

Following racing the club held their blessing of the fleet and opening day party.  The food was great – as was the fun!

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2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta

This weekend I sailed aboard Wavelength in the the Southern Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta.  On Saturday we started with a postponement while few storms moved through the area.  An hour later it cleared up and the wind continued to build throughout the day.  We started out with a new No 1 Genoa and we liked the way it was working and how we were able to point. We did well in the first race, had good crew work and maneuvers and finished 4th.   While we were beating a couple faster boats on the water, we were just not able to reel in Afterthought, Double Eagle and Voodoo to be able to correct over them.

7/14 Leukemia CupSunday race 1 start.

By the 2nd race of the day the wind picked up and we switched down to the 2.  Just after starting the wind dropped down for a short time before the sea breeze really started to crank.  By the 2nd downwind we were seeing winds in the low to mid 20’s and along with a few other boats – we elected not to fly a spinnaker.  We had a 4 & 5 on the day to keep us in 4th.

The party was fun and the live charity auction featured one of my prints that raised some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

On Sunday we pretty much just had light air all day.  We did two races and sailed well, but still weren’t really able to reel in the 3 boats at the head of the pack.   All in all it was a another fun weekend of sailing with the Wavelength team!  Thanks Rob & Steve for having me and if anyone would like to donate to our fundraising effort this link can be used.  Results.

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Video: 14th Annual Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta

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2012 FBYC Opening Day

4/14 Opening DayJon Deutsch trimming the spinnaker as we go downwind.

Got the sailing season off to a great start on Saturday with the Opening Day Regatta at Fishing Bay Yacht Club sailing aboard the C&C37 Wavelength.  We did one 12.5 mile race out around the channel buoys to the entrance of the Rappahannock River and back.  We did some great sailing which included a spinnaker peel and managed to finish 2nd in some very close racing – only 36 seconds separated the top 4 boats on corrected time.  Results and Pictures.

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FBYC Offshore Spring Series #2

Saturday was my first time back to Deltaville since the Tornado came through last weekend.  I was surprised to see how much had already been cleaned up and put back together.  With last weeks racing cancelled, this was the first day of offshore sailing and I was aboard Wavelength. It was a bit cloudy, but warm and we saw 15 knots with gusts to 30. It was a bit wild at times with the kite up in winds over 25.

Here’s some video of the damage and some highlights from FBYC’s Offshore Spring Series #2.

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Last Regatta

Another great weekend in Deltaville.  Saturday was probably the last regatta I am going to sail in for the year.  It was the Sail Against SIDS/Indian Summer Regatta and we had 3 lasers out.  I can’t say I sailed very smart, missing things like the number of laps and major wind shifts.  But I made up for it by being fast and won 5 close races.  It was fun sailing with Mike and Steve and I want to thank Allan’s crew for putting up with me always wanting our fleet to sail a different course than the other fleets.

FBYC Fall Series #2 Upwind

Sunday was the Offshore Fall Series #2 at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  I ran the mark boat with Miles.  With a strong, cool north wind, we sailed the races in Fishing Bay.  Occasional light rain added a little misery. It’s always a sight seeing 15-20 twenty to forty footers racing in the shifty conditions in the Piankatank.

Lining up the marks

My only real responsibility as the mark boat: making sure the marks all line up with the committee boat.

Despite the bad weather, I was able to get some pictures of the action that can be seen here.

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2010 Leukemia Cup Regatta

Wavelength Crew Leukemia Cup

Last weekend was the 2010 Leukemia Cup Regatta. It was held in Deltaville at Stingray Point Marina/Fishing Bay Yacht Club. Above is a photo of the crew. After abandoning the first race on Saturday in a lightning storm, we only managed 1 race on Sunday before the wind let out. We finished 4th in our 7-boat fleet. We might not have gotten any hardware on the race course, but we were the top fundraiser raising over $11,000 to support cancer research.

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