Charlottesville VA

2016 ECU vs UVA Basketball

12/6 ECU @ UVA Basketball

ECU Basketball was in Charlottesville playing UVA who was ranked in the top 10 at the time.  I got to see the game with Patrick, Lauren and Jen.  In the end it wasn’t much of a competitive game, but it was fun to root for ECU from the UVA section.

12/6 ECU @ UVA Basketball

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2015 Duke @ UVA Football

I joined some UVA friends on a non-ECU weekend for the UVA vs Duke game.  We had a great parking pass right at the stadium and the plan was to park the van there with all of our tailgate stuff and have everyone congregate there.  We arrived only to find out that the van was WAY to big to fit in the tiny parking spaces let alone have any space to tailgate.  After shuffling cars and parking the van elsewhere we commenced with our tailgate and ended up having a good time.  UVA even won the game!


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McCormack Observatory

McCormack Observatory Telescope

This weekend started out with a visit to the McCormack Observatory – this was at one point the largest telescope in the world in 1878 and is at the campus of the University of Virginia.  They open a couple times a month to the public and I got the chance to look through the lens at the moon.

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Jen & Joseph’s Wedding

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Jen and Joseph along with a few good sailing friends.  Here are a few photos:

Jen & Joseph walking down the isle

Jen & Joseph's 1st Dance

Jen & Joseph's Wedding Cake

Candles on the table setting for the sailors

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New Car

picking up the Jetta Sportwagen

With all the driving I do for sailing and ECU football I’ve really wanted a new car with a little more space and better mileage than the focus was getting.  I knew a 2012 Diesel VW Jetta SportWagen with a manual transmission and a sunroof was the perfect car.  After a big of digging I found one in Charlottesville.  I’m really looking forward to being able to cartop the Laser to some distant regattas in Massachusetts and Long Island this spring and avoid the tolls.

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