2015 ECU Football White Tiger Style

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2015 Favorite Photos

While not quite as prolific of a year of taking photographs, I still got some nice ones.  Here are my favorites:

2/6 Davis Island Yacht Club J/70 Winter Series

Snow on Rocks at Pony Pasture at the James River Park System

2/26 James River Rapids Snow

6/6 FBYC J/70 Summer Regatta I

6/13 Laser District 10 Championship

6/27 US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival Chesapeake Bay Open

8/22 Smith Point Race - Mad Hatter

8/22 Smith Point Race


8/28 FBYC J/70 Friday Night Series

9/4 Towson

9/4 ECU Football vs Towson

9/25 UCI U23 Bike World Championship

187107 Kent Leverich, 204462 Patrick Wachholz

10/18 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

11/6 Urbanna Oyster Festival

Richmond Skyline at Night

12/4 Richmond Skyline

Here are the 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 photos.

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Richmond Skyline at Night

Richmond Skyline at Night

Tried to go down to the Manchester flood wall to photograph the city during the grand illumination of the lights, but found the park blocked off due to construction and without enough time to find another way around – all I was able to get was one measly shot.  At least it’s a pretty good one.

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2015 Hiking Old Rag

Following yesterday’s UVA Football game Jess and I were out on the trail early hiking Old Rag.  It was a fun hike with some nice trails as well as some scrambling at the top.  We started hiking around 9 and weren’t done until close to 5pm.  30,000 steps for me.


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2015 Duke @ UVA Football

I joined some UVA friends on a non-ECU weekend for the UVA vs Duke game.  We had a great parking pass right at the stadium and the plan was to park the van there with all of our tailgate stuff and have everyone congregate there.  We arrived only to find out that the van was WAY to big to fit in the tiny parking spaces let alone have any space to tailgate.  After shuffling cars and parking the van elsewhere we commenced with our tailgate and ended up having a good time.  UVA even won the game!


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McCormack Observatory

McCormack Observatory Telescope

This weekend started out with a visit to the McCormack Observatory – this was at one point the largest telescope in the world in 1878 and is at the campus of the University of Virginia.  They open a couple times a month to the public and I got the chance to look through the lens at the moon.

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2015 FBYC Laser Frostbite Regatta

11/8 FBYC Laser Frostbite

What a great day to end the sailing season on at Fishing Bay Yacht Club – temperatures that were not too cool and enough wind to make it interesting.  I just received the new MkII Laser Standard sail and was eager to try it out.

Having sailed a few races – it definitely felt a bit tweakier than the other sail – as in – it didn’t stretch as much, so you can really see where it needed adjusting, cunningham, vang etc.  I had a little trouble figuring out when to adjust various things.  All in all it probably wasn’t any faster or slower – but I was definitely slower with the distraction.  I’m looking forward to spending a little more time figuring it out.  Finished 2nd overall in 7 races.

Following sailing I put a cover on the J/70 and helped Mike arrange 2 more boats in his barn.

11/8 FBYC Laser Frostbite


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2015 USF vs ECU Football

11/7 USF vs ECU

What started as a nice day turned into another wet one as we tailgated with the White Tiger in Greenville for the game against USF.

11/7 USF vs ECU


11/7 USF vs ECU

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2015 Urbanna Oyster Festival

After so many years of missing it, I finally took a day off and joined a number of FBYC friends in going to the Urbanna Oyster Festival.  The combination of the great weather and large crowds made for excellent people watching.  We strolled around and sampled the various sea food and activities going on.  The Fireman’s parade was particularly – LOUD.


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2015 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #4

It was a very, very light air day for the final day of the Fall Series at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and the final day of sailing for 2015 for J/70 No Quarter.  John, Andrew and Dave were aboard for a race that started in light air and over 2 hours later nobody was going to finish, so we ended up bagging it and call it a day.  With only 2-3 knots of wind and 1-2 knots of current coming right at us, we just couldn’t make the boat go at times.

Back on shore we dropped the mast and prepared the boat to go into the barn for the winter.

10/31 FBYC Offshore Fall Series 4


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