2018 VCU EMSIS International Trip: Sunday

Sunday was a day of touring Athens.  We started out with a bus tour visiting Panathinaiko Stadium – this is where the first modern Olympic games were held a little over a hundred years ago.  We saw how the seats were rebuilt with marble and how the competitors and judges entered through a cool tunnel.

Next we headed to the site of the acropolis and climbed the many steps to the top. The place was crawling with tourists and it was cool to see what had been built there so far and what was still there or had survived.

From there we took the bus through the city center seeing the business district and some other government buildings and art installations.

In the early afternoon a group of us got lunch in the old town and then went for a walk to the Temple of Zeus.  Vengat and I walked through the Acropolis museum and saw all of the smaller and more detailed pieces that had been removed from the acropolis and were on display.  It helped to fill in some of the details not seen when up on the hill.

For dinner the group took a bus to the coast on the water to the Moorings Restaurant where we got some more greek food and wine. We capped off the night with drinks at a bar near the hotel.


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