The forecast for today was for better wind and we got it. Out on the course in the same racing area, just north of the Newport Bridge, we started out with 8 knots out of the south and by the last race we had 12-13.

In the 4 races we had some decent starts and seemed to get a little faster and had better boat work as the day went on. While we didn’t have any great results to show for it – it was fun sailing in the J/70 fleet. And being my first time in Newport it was nice to see the town and New York Yacht Club. Thanks Noel Clinard for having me along for the weekend – it was a pleasure sailing with you, Jerry and Carrie.

This morning we headed out for the first day of the New York Yacht Club 159th Annual Regatta. Heading out to the course it was amazing sailing past all of the bigger boats including the 12 meters on the way to the course.


We were sailing in area A which was just on the other side of the bridge in an area called Potter’s Cove. Our fleet included 10 other J/70’s. We got to sail one race in breeze before we started a 2nd one and abandoned it when the wind shut off.

A little light (air) reading:


An hour or more later the wind came out of the South and we got two more races in.


Following racing we headed over to the New York Yacht Club for cocktails and dinner.


Traveled to Newport today in preparation for the 159th New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta.  I’m sailing with Noel Clinard on his J/70 Loonatictu.


Team New Zealand has their boat docked right next to us at Sail Newport.


We launched the boat and tried to go for a practice sail.  By the late afternoon the wind had nearly died so we didn’t get much practice.


We finished the night off with a drive past all of the mansions and dinner at Scales and Shells.

Here’s the entry list for tomorrow.


Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day of sailing.  The day started with 15-18 and we took out 3 J/70’s for practice.  We spent about 2 hours doing starts and laps around a short course.  This time I was trimming the jib and spinnaker.

Then in the afternoon I spent 3 hours on the Laser just sailing 1mi-1.5mi upwind and downwind legs.  One of the club’s junior sailors – Nina was also out there (pictured).