Website Relaunched

It has been a few years and it is finally time to post a revamped version of my website. The primary use of the site has been to share and display photos from friends, sailing, soccer and other events I attend. The site works much better now for pictures. Also included is a Content Management and photo blogging tool. I have no intention of spilling my guts out here, but it’s a quick and easy way for me to hightlight things I’ve been doing and link to other sites as well as display random photos.


  • Picture collections are now divided up to pages. This reduces the number of thumbnails that need to be loaded.
  • Cleaner URLs
  • A blogging/content management system has been added.

Future Enhancements:

  • Comment feature for photos
  • Picture search feature
  • Ability for me to update the site via text message from my cell phone (Pictures & Text).
  • RSS feed

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