This July my weather website was relaunched on a new domain:

I originally launched this site back in 2014 to enable me to more quickly and easily see weather buoy data in the various places I sail. Most of the existing sources of this data are slow to load and hard to read and I wanted something easier. The original site was PHP-based and ending up being a bit finicky and unreliable.

I’ve been spending my free time during COVID to learning AWS and getting the AWS Architect Associate certification as well as learning Python. This site has been a great project to re-invent the website using a modern serverless architecture that should prove to be a lot more reliable as well as provide flexibility for more functionality in the future.

I’ve launched my own weather website with data from from various weather buoys around the Chesapeake Bay where I sail.  When I’m sailing and want to pull out my phone for a quick check of the weather, I wanted to be able to see it fast so I could get back to sailing.  I also wanted to read it easily on a phone and to be able to check multiple buoys without having switch sites.  Have a look:

Stingray Point Weather Buoy look

A bit long overdue… the website has been updated to a little neater cleaner design.  Nothing fancy, but gets the job done a little better than the old design and will render a bit better on mobile devices.

FBYC launched a new website for the Stingray Point Regatta this week. It uses a lot of the things we learned from the 2010 Optimist Nationals website and should serve as a good platform for promoting and providing information about the event. The regatta takes place each Labor Day weekend in Deltaville, Virginia at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and is sailed mostly around buoy courses in 23-40+ foot boats. Check it out at

Stingray Point Regatta website screen shot

2010 USODA Nationals Website

Today we launched the website for the 2010 US Optimist Dinghy Nationals to be held by Fishing Bay Yacht Club and several other community organizations in Deltaville, Virginia.

The website we put together uses WordPress to help get news out about the event. We’ll also be utilizing twitter, facebook, SMS, and email to spread information about the event, engage parents and participants, and to report on the event for spectator parents, grandparents and others who aren’t able to be on site.

The Company Softball Team Website Screen Shot

This week my softball team kicks off our season. The team is comprised mostly of my co-workers and it has been 4 years since we last had a team. To help the team captain manage the team and provide a way to share information, stats, photos and anything else we might want, I created a website – This is my first project using WordPress and I think it turned out pretty well. I hope to get a little more familiar with the software and start using it for my other websites to save myself some of the trouble of hand coding everything. And follow the team on twitter @companysoftball.

2009 Laser ACC Website Screenshot

This is the website for the 2009 Laser Atlantic Coast Championship that I just launched with the event organizers from Severn Sailing Association. The site will serve as the central source for information about the two events in May and June. We have a few experiments going both in marketing the site and event as well as tracking how the website is used. Check it out at

It has been a few years and it is finally time to post a revamped version of my website. The primary use of the site has been to share and display photos from friends, sailing, soccer and other events I attend. The site works much better now for pictures. Also included is a Content Management and photo blogging tool. I have no intention of spilling my guts out here, but it’s a quick and easy way for me to hightlight things I’ve been doing and link to other sites as well as display random photos.


  • Picture collections are now divided up to pages. This reduces the number of thumbnails that need to be loaded.
  • Cleaner URLs
  • A blogging/content management system has been added.

Future Enhancements:

  • Comment feature for photos
  • Picture search feature
  • Ability for me to update the site via text message from my cell phone (Pictures & Text).
  • RSS feed