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This is as much of a note to myself for future usage as well as for anyone else with the same problem. I finally figured out how to get iTunes to use the optical (S/PDIF) output on my computer to play music on my stereo. I am running Windows Vista 64-bit on a Asus P5K motherboard with built-in optical output. In the past I could only get Windows Media Center to work, but that will only play the MP3’s which is about half of the collection and none of the newer and better music.To make it work:

Open QuickTime Player

Go to Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences

Select the Audio Tab

Select the “Safe mode (waveOut only)” option and click apply.

Close QuickTime and iTunes and relaunch iTunes.

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  1. Notes to self –
    1) when using network stored music – hold the shift key when opening itunes to point it to the network music store.
    2) the above S/PDIF settings seem unnecessary in Windows 8, simply open the audio settings, change the default, close & reopen itunes and it should use the new default audio playback settings.

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