ECU vs. Southern Miss

On Saturday ECU played Southern Miss at home.  This week we were without JG and the RV so we tailgated old school on the back of an actual pick up truck.  It reminded us of how good we normally have it and how much appreciate JG bringing the RV.

11/5/2011 ECU vs Southern Miss - Ross, Erin, Jon, Heather, Chris, Chuck, Anne-Stewart, Preston, Jen, Billy, Marisa, Staci, Lauren

The game started out with a bang, but went downhill quickly.  We even had a streaker at the end of halftime.  We lost the game, but all in all it was a fun day at the game.

11/5/2011 ECU vs Southern Miss - Jen, Ross, Jon, Erin, Heather, Preston, Chris

More photos from the day begin here.

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