Beautiful foliage as ILCA rig in front of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club clubhouse
Beautiful foliage as ILCA rig in front of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club clubhouse

This was supposed to be the final race of the season had we not had to reschedule the ILCA Chesapeake Masters due to the hurricane, so we had 6 ILCA plus a couple of Melges 15s that came out to sail singlehanded with us in 6-8 knots of wind on a beautiful day.

Downwind in light air sailing.
Downwind in light air sailing.

We sailed a bunch of very short races that were 8-12 minutes each of 2 laps around a course that was just a couple hundred years long. It was great because it kept the racing close and everyone was nearby and would jump on any mistakes.

I swapped boats with John Hubbard and sailed his Melges 15 for one of them. I figured out how to heel it and sail by the lee downwind to go as fast as the ILCA. Upwind without a jib was pretty tricky in less than 8 knots.

Single-handedly sailing at Melges 15.
Single-handedly sailing at Melges 15.

Overall I had a series of 2nd place finished. I swapped spots with Scott A a bit, but I just couldn’t match the speed or pointing of Reed upwind and settled for a 3rd. It was a great tune up for the ILCA Chesapeake Masters next weekend. Thanks to John L and his crew for RC today!


The forecast didn’t look good for today, but those who sailed yesterday knew the forecast also didn’t look good and it still came in around 1 for sail-able conditions. Sure enough that’s what happened and after waiting ashore about an hour we were able to get a course set on the north side of Fishing Bay right off the dock and able to sail short windward-lewards.

Photo by Ruthanna Jenkins

We had a 9-boat fleet that wasn’t too crowded at the line. I started near the pin and worked the middle left of the course in the first race. James and Mike were ahead at the weather mark and that’s pretty much where we stayed for 2 laps.

In the 2nd race I didn’t have as good of a start and sailed into some holes. As I went for a tack one of the traveler fairleads gave way. Thankfully it was a short sail in and Mike had some spare parts. I was fixed up and made the next start with 35 seconds the spare. The rest of the fleet had sailed off so I sailed the course by my self for a last place finish.

Photo by Lisa Fleck

We sailed race 4 and while I thought I was sailing the favored side of the course – I clearly wasn’t sailing in as much pressure as much of the rest of the fleet. By the time we got to the weather mark I was behind Mike and James and would not catch up. For the final race I made sure I was in more pressure and it worked. I had a comfortable lead and was able to hold onto it to win the final race.

Being able to wear shorts and light clothing in November made it as nice of a day as we could have asked for our final race day of the year. Thanks to Jerry, Henry, Ruthanna, Bob and Lisa for being out there doing race committee.


My last Laser regatta of the year was the Frostbite Regatta at Fishing Bay Yacht Club. It was a perfect fall day with wind and water temperatures in the low 60’s, plenty of sun and wind 8-13. We had a fleet of 14 boat sailing to winds out of the ENE in Fishing Bay. I had some mediocre starts making it tough to get a good lane early in the first beat often leaving me mid-fleet at the first rounding. Downwind there would sometimes be some puffs to be had on either side, but this was a pretty good fleet downwind and with the lighter air their weren’t many passing lanes. Upwind I could usually pick up a boat or two and get myself back into the top 5 most races.

Paul Almany had his drone up and got some good video of the last two races.  My pictures are here as well as the results. Thanks to Jerry & Henry Latell and Bob Fleck for doing race committee and Frank Murphy for the after race chili.


The Laser Frostbite Regatta was the last event of the year at FBYC and we made it quite easy on the RC by setting a course that allowed them to signal it from the dock.  The wind was just the right direction out of the south west where the RC could run the races from the end of the dock.  We used a boat to move the weather mark and pin.   They had a great time and the proximity to shore enabled the sailors make breaks at the club in between races.

10/30 FBYC Laser Frostbite Regatta

The wind was a little light for this one, but we rolled through the races doing short courses with 10 boats.  While I seemed to have good boat speed – I did find myself on the wrong side of some shifts and occasionally out of the top 3.  Charlie Brewer once again sailed incredibly consistently and took the day.  I followed in 2nd with Len close behind.  What a great way to end the season!


11/8 FBYC Laser Frostbite

What a great day to end the sailing season on at Fishing Bay Yacht Club – temperatures that were not too cool and enough wind to make it interesting.  I just received the new MkII Laser Standard sail and was eager to try it out.

Having sailed a few races – it definitely felt a bit tweakier than the other sail – as in – it didn’t stretch as much, so you can really see where it needed adjusting, cunningham, vang etc.  I had a little trouble figuring out when to adjust various things.  All in all it probably wasn’t any faster or slower – but I was definitely slower with the distraction.  I’m looking forward to spending a little more time figuring it out.  Finished 2nd overall in 7 races.

Following sailing I put a cover on the J/70 and helped Mike arrange 2 more boats in his barn.

11/8 FBYC Laser Frostbite


It was great to be back in a Laser today for what will likely be my last day of Laser racing at Fishing Bay Yacht Club‘s Laser Frostbite regatta.  The winds were light, but that didn’t stop us from getting 7 races in while the wind steadily shifted from West to North and then a little east as the day went on.

With 9 boats on very short lines I focused on just sailing well and not getting myself into a hole – wind-wise or situationally. We had great group of sailors out and everyone had a good game and so anyone had a chance to win races. After a few races Stephen Sparkman and myself started to make it a two boat race.  In the end he had the better day and got me by a point.  Clark Dennison, back in the Laser for the first time in a couple years finished up 3rd.

All in all it was a fun day sailing with Len, Keith, Brad, Luke, Mike W, Mike T, Stephen & Clark and was a perfect way to end the season – racing, drinking beer and sailing with my Laser buddies.



I finished my sailing season off on Sunday with the FBYC Laser Frostbite Regatta.  We had 9 boats out in some light North and Westerly winds for 5 races.  It was fun close racing on a short course.  I won the last 3 races to win the day by just 2 points.

That makes for 55 days of sailing this year, one more than last year.  I’m looking forward to some time off and I’ll be planning next year soon!

Fishing Bay Yacht Club‘s Laser Frostbite Regatta was the last sailing event of the year for the club and the last sailing event of the year for me as well.  We had nice winds about 5-8 out of the north east.  It was cool, but sunny and comfortable with a full set of layers on.  Having not sailed the Laser in 6 weeks I was pretty inconsistent on the water today.  Won 3 races, but wound up 3rd after some deep finishes were factored in.  Kudos to Ron Thompson and Michael Moore who both put up top 3 finishes in every race to finish first and second.  It was a great day of racing and it was nice having the Hampton Roads sailors come join us.

Results are here.

With that event my sailing for 2011 is complete.  I finished the year having sailed 54 days.  Up 5 days from last year.