2012 Flying Scot North American Championship: Monday

This morning we had plenty of wind for the first day of the Flying Scot North American Championship at Carlyle Sailing Association on Lake Carlyle in Illinois.  We start by sailing 3 qualifying races over the first two days.  From there the top half of the fleet will go on to sail the championship on Wednesday-Friday, while the lower half will sail the challenger division.

After the skipper’s meeting this morning we headed out in 10-15 knots of breeze and sailed 2 races back to back.  We were one of the lighter boats crew-weight-wise and weren’t able to keep the boat flat in the breeze as well as some of the heavier boats.  We did what we could and settled for a 12th and a 15th putting us in 27th overall for the first two qualifying races.


As a crew on a Flying Scot in breeze my job is to trim the jib and keep the boat flat.  Unlike a Laser a Flying Scot doesn’t have a hiking strap to hook our feet under.  All it has is a rope to hang onto while I sit back as far as possible.  I can sort of hook my leg around it, but it still requires a pretty good grip.


And finally, here’s where we’re staying for the week:

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