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2012 Flying Scot North American Championship: Thursday

Coming in on Thursday morning after we started a race and the wind died.

The plan was to get out early, get 2 races in to complete the regatta and get out of the heat.  The wind didn’t exactly cooperate with that and after going out at 9, starting a race only to abandon it 15 minutes later when the wind died, we were back on shore until the afternoon. With temperatures between 104-106 and a 6-10 knot breeze we headed back out to get our two races in.  We had a great start in the first race of the day, were OCS and had to restart in the second race and ultimately put up a 26 and a 24 for 27th overall.

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2012 Flying Scot North American Championship: Wednesday


Wednesday was the first day of championship sailing at the Flying Scot North American Championship. We sailed two races in the morning, took a lunch break and sailed another. With the fleets now split the competition got twice as fierce. These may be Flying Scots but there wasn’t an inch given away anywhere on the course from the front of the fleet to the back. Needless to say we were fighting in the back of the fleet in all of the races and are sitting deep.

With very high temperatures forecasted for later this week, the final two races are going to be run on Thursday ending the regatta a day early.

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2012 Flying Scot North American Championship: Tuesday

Tuesday was the second day of qualifying for the championship fleet at the 2012 Flying Scot North American Championship.  Sitting in 27th we needed a good race to stay in the top 30 and make the championship fleet.  The wind started out around 15 as we were heading out and by the time we had started dropped to 12 and continued to drop from there.  We were seeing pretty big swings in the wind and knew picking the shifts right would be key.

We had a ok start about a 1/3 of the way down from the boat and worked our way out to the left where we had seen more pressure.  We rode a nice shift back to the right and continued to pick our way through the shifts and the slow boats from the fleet ahead of us.  At the top mark we rounded in 1st!  Downwind we stayed just ahead of Kelly and Heidi Gough and went high riding a puff around over half of the fleet that started 6 minutes ahead of us.  At the gate mark, a clump of boats was rounding the favored gate just ahead of us so we bailed to the other gate and had a clean rounding in cleaner air. Upwind we continued to pick the shifts and wound up getting passed by two of the boats in our fleet.  We held our position downwind to take a 3rd and put ourselves solidly into the championship fleet.

Since we got off the water well before noon I thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon playing tourist in St. Louis.

I got a tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery.

Visited Forest Park and the St. Louis Art Museum.

Had a nice dinner and went up the Gateway Arch.

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2012 Flying Scot North American Championship: Monday

This morning we had plenty of wind for the first day of the Flying Scot North American Championship at Carlyle Sailing Association on Lake Carlyle in Illinois.  We start by sailing 3 qualifying races over the first two days.  From there the top half of the fleet will go on to sail the championship on Wednesday-Friday, while the lower half will sail the challenger division.

After the skipper’s meeting this morning we headed out in 10-15 knots of breeze and sailed 2 races back to back.  We were one of the lighter boats crew-weight-wise and weren’t able to keep the boat flat in the breeze as well as some of the heavier boats.  We did what we could and settled for a 12th and a 15th putting us in 27th overall for the first two qualifying races.


As a crew on a Flying Scot in breeze my job is to trim the jib and keep the boat flat.  Unlike a Laser a Flying Scot doesn’t have a hiking strap to hook our feet under.  All it has is a rope to hang onto while I sit back as far as possible.  I can sort of hook my leg around it, but it still requires a pretty good grip.


And finally, here’s where we’re staying for the week:

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2012 Selby Bay Summer Solstice: Sunday


Day 2 of the Selby Bay Summer Solstice Flying Scot regatta brought over cast skies, light winds and chop again.  The plan was for two races and we started the 1st race right at 10.  We thought we had a good start at the pin end, but the wind quickly clocked right putting us behind the boats who got right sooner.  We played catch up the rest of the race and settled for a 7th.  That put us into a 3-way tie for 2nd going into the last race of the day.  This time we protected the right after the start – a little too much- the wind went left and we were deep into the fleet at the first mark.  From there we slowly picked our way through 5-8 boats to get back up to 5th.


Congrats to fellow FBYC sailor Rob Whittemore for winning it.  We wound up 4th overall.  Not the result we were looking for, but we accomplished our goal of getting some time on the water and being ready for NAC’s the week after next.  By the end of the weekend our boat handling on the spinnaker sets and douces was superb and we were getting close to nailing some roll tacks in the light air.

Results | Pictures

Jon Deutsch, Len Guenther, Barb Guenther, Rob Whittemore, Kevin Clark

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2012 Selby Bay Summer Solstice: Saturday

We arrived early to the Selby Bay Summer Solstice regatta to get some practice. I am sailing with Len Guenther aboard Wind Dancer and since we are sailing Flying Scot NACs week after next and I haven’t been on a Flying Scot since 2006 we went for some practice in the morning with his wife and regular crew Barb so she could show me how to do everything. Around noon we headed out with 17 other boats not far from Thomas Point in light and shifty winds.


In the first race we had a great start and stayed up in the front. In the second race we had a tough time picking the shifts and could only manage a 4th. In the final race we started ok and had a few boats ahead of us for the first leg and had a great second leg to catch up to the leader and we settled for a 3rd.

Rob Whittemore sailed 3 great races today winning all of them and did an awesome job picking shifts. With 2 races planned and 3 bullets in his pocket, we will have our work cut out for us to catch him.  Day 1 Results.


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