How to Remove Numbers from a Laser Sail

This video describes how to remove sail numbers from a Laser Sail.  Note that this technique only works with Goo Off Professional*

  1. Apply goo remover to the back side of the sail.
  2. Work it in to separate the goo from the sail
  3. Flip the sail back over and peel off the number
  4. Apply goo remover where the number was just removed from to clean up the area

Use a soft cloth like an old tshirt for rubbing the goo on the sail.

The reason we first apply goo remover to the backside of the sail is to separate the goo from the sail so that the goo comes off on the number.  If you start by applying goo remover over the number, it separates the vinyl number from the goo, then you’ve got to scrub the sail a lot harder to rub the left over stick goo on the sail.

*I’ve used Goo Off Professional for years for this and it worked fine.  Only after I ran out of it and bought Goo Off Heavy Duty did I realize it didn’t work with all solvents.  It works with Acetone, but that stuff evaporates so quickly you can only do small sections at a time.

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One comment on “How to Remove Numbers from a Laser Sail
  1. Clay Johnson says:

    That’s a good trick! I’ve never sprayed it on the opposite side of the sail before, but I will give it a try. One other thing I do is sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on afterwards and rub it in to make sure there isn’t any more residue to pick up small pieces of dirt, etc. Seems to help.

    Thanks, Jon.

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