2015 FBYC Moonlight Regatta

6/6 FBYC Moonlight Race aboard Double Eagle

Two regattas down this weekend and the 3rd (of 4) would be FBYC’s Moonlight Regatta sailing aboard Double Eagle.  It’s rare that I’m running the pointy end of the boat – but what better than to do it in the dark!  Sam, Mark, Mayo, Holly, Melissa, Mary Paige, Katie and Mark(2) all made a great team and made for a great night.

For the first time in my memory we were sent on the longer A course and we were able to correct over all of the other boats sailing that course.  The cloudy conditions and a moon that didn’t rise until we were back ashore didn’t make for great picture taking so these will have to suffice.

6/6 FBYC Moonlight Race aboard Double Eagle


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