2023 Battle Rhythm Deltaville to Irvington Delivery

It was the first weekend in December and the plan had been to race in FBYC’s winter series but fog and lack of good weather on future weekends for a delivery to Irvington for a haul out meant today was the day to make the trip.

With the winter series going on, we left the dock and sailed out into the fog in the mouth of the Piankatank where the other boats were racing. We could see maybe a 1/2 mile at time. We sailed by the other boats and then headed out to Stingray Point and around it and into the Rappahannock. The fog was a little denser out there and that was the only run in with another boat when a 25′ center console fishing boat went buzzing across our bow with barely visible lights.

The rest of the trip was smooth and the fog lifted as we closed in on the bridge.

Once in Irvington we pulled the sails off, did a few other clean up items and carpooled back to FBYC.


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