ECU Football Tailgating

2014 ECU Football vs NCCU

8/30 NCCU

The first ECU Football game of the year and we had a great time catching up with everyone and tailgating in the @WhiteTigerRV <- yes has a twitter account now.

8/30 NCCU

8/30 NCCU

8/30 NCCU


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2013 ECU Football vs UAB

Here’s this weeks tailgate: just me.

11/16 ECU vs UABJon tailgating by himself.

How is that I drive the farthest and get here first?

Stephanie was here and with her being due in a couple weeks and not keen to be going up and down a ton of steps, we were able to swap our seats for something with a few less steps – front row.

11/16 ECU vs UABAt our seats: Jon, JG, Stephanie

11/16 ECU vs UABJG, Stephanie, Jon, Wayne, Courtney, Missy, Preston, Cassie, Chuck, Gunner

11/16 ECU vs UABJon & PeeDee

11/16 ECU vs UAB

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PeeDee in the Capital One Mascot Challenge

This week the Capital One Mascot Challenge PeeDee the Pirate is up against Sparty and the question was asked: If PeeDee had a superpower, what would it be?  Our friend Curtis Thieman googled photos of ECU tailgates and came up with one that was the screen image from our ODU Tailgate video.  Sure enough the Capital One Mascot Challenge is featuring it on their facebook page.


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2013 ECU vs. Tulsa

ECU played Tulsa on Saturday.  Despite a few electrical problems with the RV, we still had a fun time.  Here are a few photos:

11/9 ECU vs TulsaJG Troubleshooting electrical problems...

11/9 ECU vs TulsaChuck frying a turkey

11/9 ECU vs Tulsain the game.

11/9 ECU vs TulsaStaci, Brooklyn, Laurne, JG, Jon, Chris

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2013 ECU vs. Southern Miss

A couple photos from the ECU vs. Southern Miss football game on Saturday. With a little rain and a blowout, the crowd thinned early by the time these were taken at the end of the 3rd.

10/19 ECU vs Southern MissStaci, Lauren, Stephanie, JG, Jon

10/19 ECU vs Southern MissJon, Melissa, Ashley, Preston, Chuck

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2013 ECU vs Virginia Tech

We had quite at match up this weekend with ECU playing Virginia Tech in Football.  I even got into a bit of a fight with the Hokie bird.

In honor of the Hokies – we fried a turkey for our tailgate.

And former ECU player and Super Bowl-winning linebacker Robert Jones stopped by our tailgate.

In the end it wasn’t a game either team could be very proud of.  VT suck by us 10-15.

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2013 ECU vs Florida Atlantic University

9/5 ECU vs FAU

At the halfway of a crazy week – by the end of the weekend I’ll have driven well over 1,000 miles and have never left VA/NC.  Midweek ECU played Florida Atlantic in a Thursday night game. The game was a ‘black out’ with black uniforms, black lines on the fields and all the fans in black.  The game itself was a bit of a routing.  After the first 10 minutes FAU never really mounted any challenge.  Always fun to be in pirate country!

9/5 ECU vs FAU

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2013 ECU Football vs ODU: Video

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2013 ECU Football vs ODU

It was great to be back in Greenville for the opening game of the ECU Football Season against Old Dominion University.  We had great weather for tailgating and the game.

8/30 ECU vs ODU

8/30 ECU vs ODU

8/30 ECU vs ODU

8/30 ECU vs ODUStaci, Lauren, Stephanie, JG, Jon

Pictures | Video

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2012 ECU vs Marshall Football Game

Our black Friday game was a nail biter until the end.  Both teams just kept on scoring and ECU settled it with a fumble recovery in the 2nd OT.  Great game and way to end the regular season at home.  Now we’re hoping UAB can pull out a win against UCF so we can go to the Conference USA Championship.

11/23 Marshall GameJon, Lauren, Chris, JG, Stephanie, Bobby

11/23 Marshall GameJG, Stephanie, Jon, Lauren, Chris, Bobby

11/23 Marshall Game

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