This weekend JG, Chris and I took the @WhiteTigerRV to Blacksburg for the ECU vs Virginia Tech football game.  We parked at the ‘Dairy Barn’ and were within sight of the stadium and not too far of a walk.

9/13 ECU @ Virginia Tech

When we arrived Friday night it was raining and it continued to pour all night long.  By morning it was just light rain so we tailgated and headed to the stadium for the noon game.

9/13 ECU @ Virginia Tech

Our tickets were right in the middle of the hokie section – 50 yard line, 50 rows up on the visitor side.  We got to do quite a bit of ribbing with some of the hokie fans for the first 8 minutes as we went up 21-0 and they gave it right back up until our final drive of the game.

9/13 ECU @ Virginia Tech

It was a fun game to be at and I’m glad we got to go.

9/13 ECU @ Virginia Tech

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We had quite at match up this weekend with ECU playing Virginia Tech in Football.  I even got into a bit of a fight with the Hokie bird.

In honor of the Hokies – we fried a turkey for our tailgate.

And former ECU player and Super Bowl-winning linebacker Robert Jones stopped by our tailgate.

In the end it wasn’t a game either team could be very proud of.  VT suck by us 10-15.

Saturday was ECU’s home opener against Virginia Tech.  It was also our opening home tailgate and we even welcomed a number of VT fans to join us.  Our team didn’t get the result on the field we wanted, but we had a fun time anyway.

group photo

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Jon, Sarah, Beth, Chris and Matt at the ECU/VT Football game in Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA

ECU didn’t win the game, but a bunch of friends and I had a great time in Blacksburg this weekend to see ECU take on Virginia Tech.  Highlights included tailgating before and after the game, Bear Pong, Hooptie Ride, and a night out in Blacksburg.  Photos from the weekend can be found here.

I also took a couple of cool panoramic photos of Lane Stadium from our seats in the visitor section 37.

Lane Stadium Panoramic during the ECU vs VT Football Game

ECU Stadium During the ECU VT Game

This weekend started out on Thursday with a trip to Greenville to see ECU take on Virginia Tech at home, televised nationally on ESPN. The last time Virginia Tech played in Greenville it was also a Thursday night game and I was a freshman watching David Gerrard take on Michael Vick. This game wasn’t as exciting as those as it was more of a defensive match-up, rather than an offensive one. I had a great time as always and it was fun tailgating and hanging out with friends.

Here is one photo I took that is a panoramic from the corner. Nighttime made it much tougher to get some good panoramic pictures. This seemed be only one of two that came out.