2018 VCU EMSIS International Trip: Tuesday

Tuesday in Athens Greece was our second day of company visits. I again started the day with a run around the historic part of town and got to see a few more ruins that are a little father out of walking range.

The visits went well and we got to see a some more parts of town including a few big sports stadiums that we drove by.

In the evening we enjoyed the hotel’s rooftop pool and then we hiked to the top of a tall hill in town to see the views and have dinner.


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2018 VCU EMSIS International Trip: Monday

Monday started with a run around the Acropolis. It was amazing how deserted the streets were early in the morning compared to the bustle they have in the evenings.

Our class went to visit a couple companies for some presentations. We had lunch along the coast and got to walk along the beach.

We ended the evening with drinks at the pool at dusk before going out for a nice dinner. We stopped and checked out the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Old Royal Palace.


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2018 VCU EMSIS International Trip: Sunday

Sunday was a day of touring Athens.  We started out with a bus tour visiting Panathinaiko Stadium – this is where the first modern Olympic games were held a little over a hundred years ago.  We saw how the seats were rebuilt with marble and how the competitors and judges entered through a cool tunnel.

Next we headed to the site of the acropolis and climbed the many steps to the top. The place was crawling with tourists and it was cool to see what had been built there so far and what was still there or had survived.

From there we took the bus through the city center seeing the business district and some other government buildings and art installations.

In the early afternoon a group of us got lunch in the old town and then went for a walk to the Temple of Zeus.  Vengat and I walked through the Acropolis museum and saw all of the smaller and more detailed pieces that had been removed from the acropolis and were on display.  It helped to fill in some of the details not seen when up on the hill.

For dinner the group took a bus to the coast on the water to the Moorings Restaurant where we got some more greek food and wine. We capped off the night with drinks at a bar near the hotel.


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2018 VCU EMSIS International Trip: Saturday

For the past 14 months I’ve been working on a Master’s Degree in Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University and one of the final parts of the program is an international trip to Greece and Cyprus. We left VCU Friday night flying to Germany and then to Athens.

It was a lot of travel without a lot of sleep and it went about as well as it could have.  Once we arrived in Athens we checked into our hotel that is located in an old part of town very close to the historical sites. Several of us went out to explore just after dark and went around many of the historic and tourist sites. There were so many restaurants and we found one quaint street with nothing but small restaurants with outdoor seating and live music in a cozy atmosphere.  We made plans to go back there later in the week.

View from the top of our hotel:


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2018 Myrtle Beach

This weekend was Preston’s Bachelor Party in Myrtle Beach.  We had a great house for 15 of us right on the beach.  We all had fun hanging out on the beach, playing wiffle ball, corn hole, golfing and watching march madness.


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2017 OBX

In June I joined Jess and her family for some time at the beach in Kitty Hawk North Carolina.  We spent time at the beach, eating good food, swimming, golfing and playing tennis.


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2017 February: Dallas

This February I had another chance to visit Jess in Dallas and we got to see and experience more of the city.  This trip included visiting AT&T Stadium, Dallas Musuem of Art, seeing An American in Paris and going 2-stepping at a Cowboy bar.


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2016 Austin

After spending some time in Dallas – Jess and I headed down to Austin to explore the city and surrounding area.  One of the first things we did was visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve.  It was an overcast day, we were there early and it was pretty deserted.

We visited some other parks, walked a portion of the trail around Lady Byrd ‘lake’ and visited an exhibit of Dr. Suess art.  Those are all the things we did between eating awesome food at a variety of places around town.


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2016 Portland Trip

This summer I got to take Jess and join my family in Portland Oregon for 6 days of touring any my sister’s wedding.  We stayed in a boutique hotel in downtown Portland that was walkable to a lot of neat restaurants and parks.

For Day 2 Jess and I spent the whole day on a tour driving around Willamette Valley tasting some fantastic pinot noirs that the region is known for.

The next day we spent some time at the Oregon Brewer’s festival.

The wedding was at a beautiful botanical garden.  We had fun seeing family, reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones from across the country.  We had a lot of fun celebrating with my sister Cheryl and her new husband Dean.

On the last day of touring we visited Multnomah Falls and the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River


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2016 OBX

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Following Southern Bay Race Week Jess and I joined her parents in Kitty Hawk for some beach time.  In the two days I got to stay we spent a day at the beach and visited Manteo including a tour of Outer Banks Distillery.

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On the way home I picked up the J/70 left in Hampton and returned it to Deltaville.

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