2009 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Start

This past weekend was the 2009 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Regatta at Fishing Bay Yacht Club. As the event chair it’s a lot of work to get everything together to put on an event like that. On one hand it’s a relief to have that behind me, but that also means the sailing season is over for the year.

The event turned out great and I got to take a lot of great pictures. The overcast clouds and periodic ran made it a little hard to get good pictures, but I did what I could.

This weekend I was at the 2009 Southern Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta in Deltaville, VA sailing about Wavelength in the PHRF-A fleet. Last year I took photos and did a regular video.

This year my experiment was to take and collect photos from the event and immediately post them to twitter via the Fishing Bay Yacht Club twitter account (@fishingbayyc). I had a couple people emailing me photos from their camera phones throughout the event. During every free moment I had while racing, I would download the pictures, edit them, and tweet/post them to twitter/flickr. Having image editing apps on the iPhone made this work so easily. The only downside was the spotty coverage out in the middle of the bay, so downloading/uploading went slow.

All and all it was a fun experiment. I want to thank Goeff Cahill, Gary Hooper, and Scott Turpin for contributing photos to the video. The event website including results can be found here.