FBYC Offshore Fall Series #1

2016 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #1

9/18 FBYC Offshore Fall Series 1

Back racing the J/70 after nearly 2 months we had nice wind and clear skies for the FBYC Offshore Fall Series 1.  We had out Louise, Andrew and Patrick and it was Patrick’s first time on the J/70.  In the starting sequence Louise had a minor family emergency so we transferred her to the Mr. Roberts and had to sail 3 up.  Having practiced 4-up and with no time until the start, we winged it and did our best with only 3 of us.


We weren’t able to quite keep up with E.L.E. but we did well nonetheless and were able to finish 2nd.  In between races Louise was back and joined us for the 2nd race of the day. In this race all 4 J/70 were a lot closer and we got behind early on the wrong side of the course upwind.  We came back downwind, but weren’t able to get back ahead of Spice to finish 3rd.  All in all a fun day back in the boat.  Thanks Louise, Andrew and Patrick for sailing!


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2015 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #1


It was a breezy day with light clouds for FBYC‘s first day of the Fall Series.  Having not spent a lot of time sailing No Quarter in winds in the upper teens gusting into the low 20’s we certainly had our hands full.  Upwind in the first race we found our groove and worked the boat well.  Downwind we sailed conservatively and kept the boat in control.


By the 2nd race several boats dropped out and we led the first lap and a half before Full Monty passed just downwind just before the finish.


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FBYC Offshore Fall Series #1

Wavelength winning the start.Photo by Bruce McConnel

We had plenty of wind for the first day of the offshore fall series at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and the race committee elected to head inside Fishing Bay to run the races.  With winds over 20 at the start of the first race we all had our hands full getting around the course.  By the end of the last race the wind was down to 8. We did well and put up a 4-3-4 for 3rd overall out with 3 excellent starts.

After racing we had to deliver a boat from Jackson Creek to Fishing Bay and we timed it to see a gorgeous sunset on Fishing Bay.

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Top Photo by Bruce McConnell

Melissa, Mark, Matt, Jon

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