For Fishing Bay Yacht Club’s Offshore Fall Series #4 I was aboard the weather mark boat with Justin running marks for the races. The wind was steady out of the west making it easy to set the course once for both races. With winds in the upper teens and temperatures in the 60’s – there was some spirited racing and it was fun to watch. Definitely interesting to see which boats were trying hard and making mistakes versus the boats that took it a little easier and were less aggressive, but made fewer mistakes.


It was a very, very light air day for the final day of the Fall Series at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and the final day of sailing for 2015 for J/70 No Quarter.  John, Andrew and Dave were aboard for a race that started in light air and over 2 hours later nobody was going to finish, so we ended up bagging it and call it a day.  With only 2-3 knots of wind and 1-2 knots of current coming right at us, we just couldn’t make the boat go at times.

Back on shore we dropped the mast and prepared the boat to go into the barn for the winter.

10/31 FBYC Offshore Fall Series 4


The final day of Fishing Bay Yacht Club‘s offshore fall series started out like it was going to be a nice sailing day, but didn’t last and the wind died before we could complete a race.  I was sailing on Steve Q’s Hotty Toddy with Larry and his son.  Despite not finishing a race, we still had fun and learned a lot. We’ll be back at it at FBYC’s inaugural J/70 Chesapeake Bay Championship regatta with 20+ boats on the line.

10/25 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #4

10/25 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #4

10/25 FBYC Offshore Fall Series #4