Laser Clinic

2014 Memorial Day Weekend: Monday

For the final day of the weekend I invited a few friends to come sail Lasers.  Len loaned me his boat and we had mine and two others to take 4 people out.  It was a beautiful day as the wind built and Bob, Lisa, Jenn and Mike all had a great time sailing around.


Once they had their fill and the wind really settled in, Len and I went out and did some tuning by doing a couple laps on a 1.5 mi course.

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2012 FBYC Laser Clinic

Mike Toms teaching a Laser Clinic at Fishing Bay Yacht Club

On Sunday Mike Toms and I ran a clinic for a dozen Laser sailors at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  Most of the group was new to sailing or at least new to the Laser and we spent most of the time going over the boat parts, rigging and basic maneuver techniques on a Laser.  Then we took out about 7 boats in nearly no wind to putter around for an hour.  Pictures.



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Brant Beach Laser Clinic Crash Video

Last weekend I was up in Brant Beach New Jersey for a Laser clinic.  I can’t say I am a better sailor just from being there, but I did learn a lot of things I need to practice and apply to my sailing that I hope will make me a lot better in the future.

One of the tenets of the training was to use practice to find where the ‘edge’ is.  Here’s plenty of footage of me ‘finding the edge’.

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