Richmond Model Yacht Club

2018 RMYC RG65 Series #2

The RG65 season is underway at the Richmond Model Yacht Club on Lake Rooty and we had nice weather for the 2nd race day of the series. Unfortunately, No Quarter had radio problems and became uncontrollable after the first race.  I still got to borrow a couple boats to sail – thanks Rob & Marc.

I’ve wanted to get a slightly bigger boat that would enable me to sail it in the choppier water in Deltaville.  I haven’t decided what I want yet, but a new member came who was interested in getting into the RG65 class and I ended up selling him my boat on the spot.  The RG65 was fun to sail and great for Lake Rooty and I’ll sure I’ll find another boat in the coming months.

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2017 RMYC RG65 Series #1

3/19 RMYC RG65 Series

We had a nice afternoon for the first RG65 race at Richmond Model Yacht Club on Lake Rooty.  I was a bit rusty and overpowered in the puffs and managed a 5th overall out of 9 boats in 8 races.  It was fun getting back on the water and seeing what happens when I actually got the boat pointed the right way.

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RG65 No Quarter

Added another boat to the fleet.  This No Quarter is an RG65 model yacht.  It’s about 25″ long and 60″ tall from the bottom of the keel to the top of the mast.  I got a used boat from a member of the Richmond Model Yacht Club.  After fitting a radio to it and getting a few other things readied, I got to join 6 others today for some practice.  It was a bit light and we only sailed about 30 minutes before we got rained out.  Thanks Rob S for helping get me going and I’m looking forward to some more racing this spring.

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