2018 December Snow Storm

We got quite a bit of snow in Richmond this weekend.  We had fun making a snowman and walking through Pony Pasture Park to see the river.


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James River Rapids Snow

I had always wanted to see the river after a snow and finally trudged my way all the way to Pony Pasture Rapids Park to get this shot around midday today:

Snow on Rocks at Pony Pasture at the James River Park System

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2014 Snowblowing the Driveway

From the creator of ‘Shoveling the Driveway 2014’ comes the sequel: ‘Snow Blowing the Driveway’.

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Shoveling Snow on a Winter Day

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2013 Skiing at Snowshoe Mountain

Part 2 of the Snowshoe Mountain Resort trip:

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Snow Tubing at Snowshoe

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December Snow

The House in Snow Dec 2010The House in Snow Dec 2010

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Winter Snowfall

Richmond got quite a bit of snow fall this weekend. I spent some time Saturday outside hiking down to the river and shoveling the snow while taking pictures and video along the way. Check them out.

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2009 Snowfall

2009 House under snow

Here’s a photo of the house on 3/2 after the snowfall the night before. It’s been a week since I moved in and I am slowly getting settled. Hopefully in a few more weeks these boxes will be gone and I’ll get some photos of the renovation/moving posted.

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