Pony Pasture

2018 December Snow Storm

We got quite a bit of snow in Richmond this weekend.  We had fun making a snowman and walking through Pony Pasture Park to see the river.


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James River Rapids Snow

I had always wanted to see the river after a snow and finally trudged my way all the way to Pony Pasture Rapids Park to get this shot around midday today:

Snow on Rocks at Pony Pasture at the James River Park System

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A Run in the Park

A run in Pony Pasture Park in Richmond, Virginia on an unseasonably warm January afternoon.  It was a chance to test out some new camera equipment.

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Pony Pasture High Water

This afternoon the James River crested around 15 feet according to the Westham gauge.  The last time the water was up past this level was January of last year where it crested around 18 feet. Here are some scenes from Pony Pasture Rapids Park and Riverside drive earlier this afternoon.

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James River Flooding

This morning I got up early and went down to Pony Pasture to check out the flooding. The river crested at almost 18 feet this morning and Pony Pasture was completely flooded. Riverside Drive was also flooded and closed.

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