ECU Stadium During the ECU VT Game

This weekend started out on Thursday with a trip to Greenville to see ECU take on Virginia Tech at home, televised nationally on ESPN. The last time Virginia Tech played in Greenville it was also a Thursday night game and I was a freshman watching David Gerrard take on Michael Vick. This game wasn’t as exciting as those as it was more of a defensive match-up, rather than an offensive one. I had a great time as always and it was fun tailgating and hanging out with friends.

Here is one photo I took that is a panoramic from the corner. Nighttime made it much tougher to get some good panoramic pictures. This seemed be only one of two that came out.


2009 ECU Football Opening Weekend

This weekend ECU kicked off their football season against Appalachian State. This was the maiden tailgate for JG’s RV. We got a great RV spot right next to the practice field and just a couple hundred yards from the stadium. We stayed Friday night through Sunday morning for game at noon on Saturday.

In addition to the regulars, CK flew in from Albaquerque for the weekend to help us kick off the season. One game down and one win for the Pirates! Looking forward to a great season!

Check out photos here.