Tulane University

2017 ECU Football vs Tulane

With only one more ECU Football game left for the season the game against Tulane would be the final one of the season for the entire group. The night game made it so we could hang out and tailgate all afternoon and Jess joined me for the trip to Greenville. The main item on the menu was frogmore stew. The game got interesting at the end as it went into overtime, but alas ECU wasn’t able to put points on the board and lost.


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2014 Tulane vs ECU Football

After nearly a moth away we were all finally back together for another Saturday afternoon ECU football game against Tulane.

11/22 Tulane vs ECU

Pictures starting here.

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ECU Homecoming vs Tulane

Another fun weekend in Greenville for homecoming against Tulane.

10/29/2011 ECU vs. Tulane (Homecoming) - Heather Webster, Chris Webster, Jon Deutsch, JG Ferguson, Preston Hubbard, Jen Snow, Jess Dove, Julia, Chuck Dove

10/29/2011 ECU vs. Tulane (Homecoming) - Sunset on Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium

More photos starting here.

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