University of Texas at El Paso

2012 ECU vs UTEP

This football weekend had a lot more in common with a sailing weekend than most others.  It was an incredibly wet one and we even deployed some of our sailing techniques like hanging our wet clothing in the shower, etc with the RV.  The 7pm game meant we had all morning & afternoon to tailgate.

9/29 UTEPChris, Stephanie, Jon

With the rain, we got off to a slow start while trying to stay inside or under the awning to stay dry while we waited for everyone else to arrive.  The rain held off a bit for the final hour before the kickoff so we could get our traditional flip cup game in.

9/29 UTEPStacy, Alex, Jeff, Kate, Stephanie, Heather, Lauren, Brooke, Billy, Chris, Jon, Kristin, JG, Aaron, Natalie, Lindsay, Jason, Emily

Throughout the 1st and 2nd quarters the rain came down. With 8 minutes left in the second half as a decent storm was heading our way, an announcement come on the PA that the game was being postponed, the stadium evacuated and everyone should head to Minges Colosseum or their cars.
9/29 UTEPJG, Stephanie, Jon, Anne-Stewart, Emily

During the rain delay we hung around the RVs watching other games on TV and then stayed there until after halftime once the game did resume. The rain continued to come down, but not with thunder and lightning as we had earlier.

9/29 UTEPBack in the stadium during the 4th quarterJon, JG, Chris, Kevin

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