Saturday we raced Wavelength at Fishing Bay Yacht Club to the Wolf Trap Light House and back.  Wolf Trap is a memorable place both because I’ve sailed my own boat there and because it was the first race I ever did on a ‘big boat’ on Wavelength in 1998 after joining FBYC and getting my drivers license.

The weather was perfect for a race with winds 12-19 out of the SSW and mostly sunny skies.  We had a good start and were 2nd boat around the short windward mark.  The next leg was a little less than a mile downwind and chose not to go with a spinnaker and lost a couple spots to the boats behind us.

Nereid at Wolf Trap Light House
Nereid rounding Wolf Trap Light House just behind us

On the close reach out to the Milford Haven mark we had a full main and a No 1 up which was more sail than anyone else and held our ground and may have even picked up on some of the faster rated boats.  From Milford Haven to Wolf Trap was a beat with a heavy current behind us.

Once around Wolf Trap it was all downwind directly into the current.  As we got closer to the Piankatank the wind moved forward and it became a close reach again.  The final leg was a beat up the Piankatank and we ended up 2nd in the 4-boat PHRF-A fleet behind Nanuq.

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Jon on Laser in front of Wolf Trap Light House

The conditions were perfect on Sunday for a nice long sail to Wolf Trap light house – 27 nautical miles round trip.  At the beginning the wind was out of the SSW at 10-15 which meant after one tack in Fishing Bay by the marinas I was able to lay Wolf Trap 2 hours and 4o minutes later on starboard tack.  As I approached the light house the wind dropped to 5-8 and moved to due South.  On the run home it kicked back up to 10-15.  Total trip time 5 hours 45 minutes.

Sailing to Wolf Trap route