Hampton Roads 2/6 Frostbite

Made a trip to the ODU sailing center on Sunday to Frostbite with the Hampton Roads Laser Fleet. This was the first of two frostbite outings to tune up for the Laser Midwinters East Regatta in Clearwater Florida in a couple weeks.

The day was fraught with very little wind and thus we were only able to get in two short races before calling it a day. The video below shows just how light it was. This was also my first experiment mounting the GoPro camera to the Laser. It turned out pretty well and I can’t wait to try another mounting location next week when I’m frostbiting up at SSA in Annapolis.

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One comment on “Hampton Roads 2/6 Frostbite
  1. Jolie says:

    Hi Jon,

    I just got the GoPro Camera for my Laser and am not sure where to mount it so I plan to watch you videos as you try different locations to figure out where to mount mine. 🙂 Would love to mount it at the top of the mast but not sure how (I think it might make for some awesome underwater videoes when I capsize in heavy air!) Lol Anyway, I saw a few videos where they mounted the GoPro at the end of the boom…made for good down wind shots in heavy air.

    Have fun and happy frostbiting! Jolie

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