Ants on a Boat

Enough is enough. I have had it with these ****** ants on my ******** boat.

Getting my Laser ready for the spring and I’ve found that an ant colony has taken up residence on it.

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One comment on “Ants on a Boat
  1. o docker says:

    Jon, I feel your pain, but, unfortunately, the method you’ve used to remove ants from your Laser is not one that has been approved by the ILCA, so it’s possible your boat may no longer be used for competition in ILCA-sanctioned events.

    You must replace the ants and remove them properly with an ILCA-approved LaserPerformance hose nozzle (3.5 mm nozzle orifice).

    If , after completing this procedure, you have any suggestions for the ILCA about alternative applications for the nozzle – or any orifice-related suggestions for that matter – please convey them directly to the ILCA office in Falmouth.

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