2013 Favorite Photos

What a year 2013 was!  I always seemed to be able to take some amazing pictures when I wasn’t expecting to – including some great ones on just an iPhone.  Here are my favorites from 2013:

6/22 FBYC Moonlight Race - Mad Hatter sailing through the sunset.

Mad Hatter during the Moonlight Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club 6/23/2013

Fireworks at the Carillon

Dogwood Dell Fireworks with the Carrilon. 7/4/2013

7/26 Laser PracticeLen Guenther

Sunset Laser Sail  7/26/2013

Richmond Skyline at Night 12/15/2013

8/24/2013 Smith Point Race - Smith Point Light

Smith Point Light House during the Smith Point Race at FBYC 8/25/2013

9/5 ECU vs FAU

Sunset panoramic of ECU’s football stadium during the FAU game 9/6/2013

Snow covered roof tops at Snowshoe 2/9/2013


Laser practice 4/7/2013


Orange Coffee Pot Regatta in Surf City New Jersey 6/2/2013

Jaimie and Chris Wedding 10/16/2013


Here are the 2012, 2011 and 2010 photos.

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