Today was expected to be a light air day and that’s what we were delivered. Racing was moved up an hour and after a couple false starts we got a race started in a 6-8 north east breeze.

J/70 Winter Series day 2

Our start on Spice wasn’t too bad near the middle of the line and we picked our way up the first beat. Near the windward mark we were around 20 but called a thin Pauline and stalled near the make while 5-8 boats went right around us. That further reinforced something we had learned yesterday – when j70s are blanketed they have no power so when in a clump at the windward make it pays to over stand and come in on the outside.

Around the top mark we jibed early going out to the left and that became a kiss of death when a 40 degree shift came in. We limped around the rest of the course while the wind died with only a handful of boats behind us.

All in all it was great to get out of Richmond for a warm weekend of sailing. Thanks to Holly for having me and I enjoyed sailing with Brian and Lud. I also got a lot of homework done on the j70 and am looking forward to having a boat of my own this spring.

Results | Pictures | 2015 Quantum J/70 Winter Series 3 Website

Racing at the Davis Island Yacht Club J70 winter series got underway this morning in a nice 8-10 knot breeze under mostly sunny skies and low 70s temperature. 51 boats are racing what is the final 3-weekend series that has run monthly since December.

In the first race we had a reasonable start and got bounced to the left. We held our own downwind and then made it to the right on the second upwind picking up a couple boats. On the final downwind we picked up a couple more boats and finished 28.


We had an even better start for the 2nd race and pretty much held our lane and got out to the right where we wanted to be and rounded in the top 20. Downwind we held our position and on the 2nd upwind we again made it more to the right and passed a few boats. By now the wind was dipping and it became a more of a challenge to keep clear air and boat speed. On the final downwind we were fast and hit the shifts well and picked up several boats to finish 13th.

We are currently 22nd and hoping for more wind on Sunday.

2015 Quantum J/70 Winter Series 3 Website | Results | Pictures

After half a day of traveling – arrived in Florida at Davis Island Yacht Club to sail the J/70 winter Series on spice with Holly, Lud & Brian against 50 other boats. Today we did some practice, took part in the practice races and settled in for the night.


The forecast is looking a bit on the light side for the weekend, but we are looking forward to getting out sailing.


2015 Quantum J/70 Winter Series 3 Website | Pictures