2015 Davis Island YC J/70 Winter Series III: Saturday

Racing at the Davis Island Yacht Club J70 winter series got underway this morning in a nice 8-10 knot breeze under mostly sunny skies and low 70s temperature. 51 boats are racing what is the final 3-weekend series that has run monthly since December.

In the first race we had a reasonable start and got bounced to the left. We held our own downwind and then made it to the right on the second upwind picking up a couple boats. On the final downwind we picked up a couple more boats and finished 28.


We had an even better start for the 2nd race and pretty much held our lane and got out to the right where we wanted to be and rounded in the top 20. Downwind we held our position and on the 2nd upwind we again made it more to the right and passed a few boats. By now the wind was dipping and it became a more of a challenge to keep clear air and boat speed. On the final downwind we were fast and hit the shifts well and picked up several boats to finish 13th.

We are currently 22nd and hoping for more wind on Sunday.

2015 Quantum J/70 Winter Series 3 Website | Results | Pictures

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