10/26 Closing Day RegattaSteve Utley, Rob Whittet, John Hoar, Eric Brendle, John Watlington

Wavelength Need CrewSaturday was the final day of racing for the offshore boats at Fishing Bay Yacht Club followed by an oyster roast.  The race was a pursuit style race where the slower boats start first and the times are calculated so everyone should finish about the same time.  I was aboard Wavelength and for once it was great having boats of all sizes all around us for most of the race.  We ended up finishing 9th in the 17-boat fleet while sailing in winds that started around 8 knots and built to as much as 23 knots during the 1 1/2 hour race.  On top of that we were short-handed with only 6 on board and flew the spinnaker.

10/26 Closing Day Regatta

After racing we enjoyed oysters!  RESULTS | PHOTOS

10/26 Closing Day RegattaOyster Roast

This weekend I sailed aboard Wavelength in the the Southern Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta.  On Saturday we started with a postponement while few storms moved through the area.  An hour later it cleared up and the wind continued to build throughout the day.  We started out with a new No 1 Genoa and we liked the way it was working and how we were able to point. We did well in the first race, had good crew work and maneuvers and finished 4th.   While we were beating a couple faster boats on the water, we were just not able to reel in Afterthought, Double Eagle and Voodoo to be able to correct over them.

7/14 Leukemia CupSunday race 1 start.

By the 2nd race of the day the wind picked up and we switched down to the 2.  Just after starting the wind dropped down for a short time before the sea breeze really started to crank.  By the 2nd downwind we were seeing winds in the low to mid 20’s and along with a few other boats – we elected not to fly a spinnaker.  We had a 4 & 5 on the day to keep us in 4th.

The party was fun and the live charity auction featured one of my prints that raised some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

On Sunday we pretty much just had light air all day.  We did two races and sailed well, but still weren’t really able to reel in the 3 boats at the head of the pack.   All in all it was a another fun weekend of sailing with the Wavelength team!  Thanks Rob & Steve for having me and if anyone would like to donate to our fundraising effort this link can be used.  Results.

I started the day at Hampton Yacht Club where a team from Fishing Bay Yacht Club was invited to a scrimmage Team Racing Sonars.  We started with a quick recap/overview/planning in a classroom and then the team of 11 FBYC sailors were split into 3 boats for our team and Hampton took the other 3 boats.  We spent a couple hours doing drills and practicing team race maneuvers against the Hampton team.  The wind was in the low to mid teens which made boat handling a little more challenging, particularly for the FBYC sailors who hadn’t had a lot of time together nor a lot of time in Sonars.  But we still were able to put on a good showing and I think it was a very successful scrimmage for both teams.  A big thank you to Gary Bodie and Hampton Yacht Club for having us!

6/22 Hampton Team Race Scrimmage - Gary Bodie explaining the drills.

Immediately after getting off the water in Hampton, I got on the road to Deltaville to sail Fishing Bay Yacht Club‘s Moonlight Regatta on Wavelength.  The start was delayed 30 minutes while some weather approached the area, but never really came near us.  Out on the water we had beautiful sailing conditions with mostly clear skies and a steady 12-15 out of the south.  None of the overcast and occasional rain we had seen in Hampton earlier in the day.

We started at 8pm and sailed out of the Piankatank with the sun setting behind us just a short time later.  I grabbed this shot of Mad Hatter just behind us passing in front of the sunset. Just goes to show that the best pictures don’t necessarily come from the best camera, but from the camera you’ve got. This was a 2-take photo taken with the iphone.  Here’s an alternate version of it on Instagram.

6/22 FBYC Moonlight Race - Mad Hatter sailing through the sunset.

The race went pretty well and we had a good group aboard for sailing at night.  I was jib grinder for the first 3 legs, spin trimmer downwind, and drove the last 2 legs upwind.  We finished around 10:30. While we didn’t make the podium, the ice cream smothered in rum after racing was reward enough.

Results | More photos from today starting here.

It was great to get back to sailboat racing this year at Opening Weekend at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  On Saturday I sailed on Wavelength – a C&C 37 owned by Rob Whittet and Steve Utley.  The course was a middle distance race and the light air and chop was not kind to us.  Even without a great result it was a fun day on the water that ended up with a Opening Day dinner and party at the club.

4/13 FBYC Opening Day: Wavelength:

On Sunday we sailed the first day of the Spring Series.  After waiting around for wind, we had a sea breeze that built until just after the start of the 2nd race.  Both races were nice and long and while we still couldn’t touch the J/109’s, we still sailed well and had fun.

Wavelength winning the start.Photo by Bruce McConnel

We had plenty of wind for the first day of the offshore fall series at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and the race committee elected to head inside Fishing Bay to run the races.  With winds over 20 at the start of the first race we all had our hands full getting around the course.  By the end of the last race the wind was down to 8. We did well and put up a 4-3-4 for 3rd overall out with 3 excellent starts.

After racing we had to deliver a boat from Jackson Creek to Fishing Bay and we timed it to see a gorgeous sunset on Fishing Bay.

Results | Photos

Top Photo by Bruce McConnell

Melissa, Mark, Matt, Jon

We took Wavelength out on Saturday for the Smith Point Race at Fishing Bay Yacht Club with a short 5-person crew of Steve U, John H, John W, Rick and myself. We were sailing against 2 other PHRF-A boats and started the 42nm course at 2pm just south of Stingray Point on the Piankatank.  The race started as a beat and the wind eased from 15-18 down to 10-12 by 5:30 and down to about 6 at 8pm.

For the final 5 miles to Smith Point we went east expecting the wind to go right.  We found a nice lane of wind and even overstood while the boats inshore to the west were left becalmed.  We rounded Smith Point around 8:30 and just as we rounded and were setting up for a broad reach under spinnaker, the wind went even further east and we ditched our plans for the spinnaker under what would now be a close reach.  I drove the 2nd half of the way back and we finished around 12:30am, beating a faster J105 to the line and ending up just 13 1/2 minutes behind the winning J109 on corrected time.

Final Results | Photos | 2011 Smith Point Race

Last weekend was the Leukemia Cup Regatta at Stingray Point Harbor Marina with racing put on by Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  I sailed on Wavelength in the PHRF-A division.  We sailed 2 races on Saturday in pretty light air.  We got in one more race Sunday morning in a dying breeze.  I had to go up the mast Sunday morning to get the sail up.  All in all it was a fun time and thanks to mostly Rob’s efforts our boat raised over $13,000 for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society making our boat the 2nd place fundraiser.  Included in that was a photo of mine that sold for $375 in the live auction.

(photos credit: Stephen Boling)

4/28 Spring Series #3lining up at the start

Saturday’s Offshore Spring Series #3 at Fishing Bay Yacht Club wasn’t the best weather day.  We did one race in very light wind against a stiff current for the first leg.  The second race was abandoned after the wind died and many boats anchored to hold position on the ‘upwind’.  Still in 3rd for the Series.


Saturday was a beautiful day for racing and Wavelength had a great day at Fishing Bay Yacht Club’s Offshore Spring Series #2.   We had good boat speed, good crew work and manged to go 3-2-1-4 in 4 races putting us into 3rd overall for the series. Results.

Photo: Andrea Winner