This July my weather website was relaunched on a new domain:

I originally launched this site back in 2014 to enable me to more quickly and easily see weather buoy data in the various places I sail. Most of the existing sources of this data are slow to load and hard to read and I wanted something easier. The original site was PHP-based and ending up being a bit finicky and unreliable.

I’ve been spending my free time during COVID to learning AWS and getting the AWS Architect Associate certification as well as learning Python. This site has been a great project to re-invent the website using a modern serverless architecture that should prove to be a lot more reliable as well as provide flexibility for more functionality in the future.

I’ve launched my own weather website with data from from various weather buoys around the Chesapeake Bay where I sail.  When I’m sailing and want to pull out my phone for a quick check of the weather, I wanted to be able to see it fast so I could get back to sailing.  I also wanted to read it easily on a phone and to be able to check multiple buoys without having switch sites.  Have a look:

Stingray Point Weather Buoy look