2011 Key West Race Week: Video

Here’s the video from last January’s Key West Race Week aboard the J105 Lucky Dog Racing.

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Offshore Spring Series #4 – Spreadercam

Last Sunday for the Offshore Spring Series #4 at FBYC I sailed aboard Wavelength and brought along Lauren and Patrick for the ride.  We mounted the GoPro camera to the spreaders and here’s a couple of photos from that.  I’ll put together a video in a few weeks.

2011 Offshore Spring Series #4 Spreadercam 1

2011 Offshore Spring Series #4 Spreadercam 2

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2011 Laser District 11 Championship: Video

Here’s my highlight film from all of the on board video I captured at the Laser District 11 Championship last weekend:

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FBYC Offshore Spring Series #2

Saturday was my first time back to Deltaville since the Tornado came through last weekend.  I was surprised to see how much had already been cleaned up and put back together.  With last weeks racing cancelled, this was the first day of offshore sailing and I was aboard Wavelength. It was a bit cloudy, but warm and we saw 15 knots with gusts to 30. It was a bit wild at times with the kite up in winds over 25.

Here’s some video of the damage and some highlights from FBYC’s Offshore Spring Series #2.

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Wavelength Practice Day

This video clip from a day of practice on Saturday aboard Wavelength – a 37′ C&C sailed out of Fishing Bay Yacht Club.  About halfway through the video are some clips when a squall came through with gusts of 28knots and hail.

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2011 Laser Midwinters East Video Highlights

On-the-water video highlights from the 2011 Laser Midwinters East in Clearwater Florida last week.

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2/13/2011 SSA Frostbite

I used Sunday’s Laser frostbite as an opportunity to get some of the cobwebs out.  Last weeks’ frostbite at Hampton was good for getting the boat together, but with little wind, wasn’t much of an opportunity to do the kind of sailing I’ll be doing at Midwinters in Clearwater Florida in a little over a week.

The temperature on Sunday in Annapolis was in the high 40’s and low 50’s with winds 13-16 knots, overcast skies and a water temperature of 38 degrees.  Generally it was good sailing in wind that I had to hike in and I got some of the feeling back in how to sail the boat and make it go.  With boat handling being my priority, results of the 4 races I sailed in were secondary and the scoreboard was not friendly – finishing 15 out of 17 boats on the line including two DFLs.

All in all it was a good day on the water and I’m glad to have gotten that past me now rather than on the first day of the regatta.  This was also an opportunity for me to practice filming with the GoPro.  I had gotten several mounting locations set up and today I mounted the camera to the bow.  Check out the video:

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GoPro Laser Mounting

Edit: A more comprehensive list of GoPro mounts and mounting locations for a Laser can be found here.

Saturday I got my boat ready for Frostbiting on Sunday and ultimately for Midwinters in a little over a week. I also put together some mounts for the GoPro camera.  I had already mounted the camera to the compass mount that yielded this video from last weekend.

GoPro Compass Mount

Pictured above is the GoPro mounted to the compass bracket just in front of the compass.  This works because most of the time when I’m using the compass I’m hiked out and thus looking at the side markings on the compass.  The few times when I actually want to look at the compass head on are usually when I’m checking the wind when I’m not looking and it’s easy enough to just look over the camera.

GoPro Mast Mount

This picture is of the GoPro mounted to the Laser mast just below the goose neck facing aft on the port side of the boat.  The ‘roll cage’ bracket is the right width, but the screws that come with it aren’t long enough to fit the width of the mast.  A quick trip to the the hardware store for some longer screws and nuts fixed that.

GoPro Bow Mount ShortGoPro Bow Mount Tall

To mount the camera to the bow I drilled a hole in the top of the bow eye and took one of the GoPro tripod mounts and used a bolt from underneath the bow eye to secure it.  Pictured is are both the short and tall versions of the setup.  The taller version gives a better perspective back to the cockpit, but being taller, it might vibrate a little more.  I also plan to wrap both in tape to be sure nothing gets caught on them.

GoPro Masttop MountGoPro Clamp Mount

GoPro Top of Mast View

These photos show the clamp mount I made to fix the camera to the top of the mast. I used another tripod mount and bolted it to a hole I made on the side of the clamp.  This mount could be used at the top of the mast, the aft end of the boom, or even on the rudder head during training.

GoPro Dolly Mount

The final location I mounted the camera to is the dolly.  Normally the dolly rides upside down on top of the boat, so by mounting the camera to the side of it I can video scenes on the way to regattas to help frame the location.  When the boat is on the dolly the mount can also be used to film while moving the boat around.

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Hampton Roads 2/6 Frostbite

Made a trip to the ODU sailing center on Sunday to Frostbite with the Hampton Roads Laser Fleet. This was the first of two frostbite outings to tune up for the Laser Midwinters East Regatta in Clearwater Florida in a couple weeks.

The day was fraught with very little wind and thus we were only able to get in two short races before calling it a day. The video below shows just how light it was. This was also my first experiment mounting the GoPro camera to the Laser. It turned out pretty well and I can’t wait to try another mounting location next week when I’m frostbiting up at SSA in Annapolis.

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2009 Leukemia Cup Video

This weekend I was at the 2009 Southern Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta in Deltaville, VA sailing about Wavelength in the PHRF-A fleet. Last year I took photos and did a regular video.

This year my experiment was to take and collect photos from the event and immediately post them to twitter via the Fishing Bay Yacht Club twitter account (@fishingbayyc). I had a couple people emailing me photos from their camera phones throughout the event. During every free moment I had while racing, I would download the pictures, edit them, and tweet/post them to twitter/flickr. Having image editing apps on the iPhone made this work so easily. The only downside was the spotty coverage out in the middle of the bay, so downloading/uploading went slow.

All and all it was a fun experiment. I want to thank Goeff Cahill, Gary Hooper, and Scott Turpin for contributing photos to the video. The event website including results can be found here.

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