Greenville NC

2014 Tulane vs ECU Football

After nearly a moth away we were all finally back together for another Saturday afternoon ECU football game against Tulane.

11/22 Tulane vs ECU

Pictures starting here.

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2014 ECU Football vs UCONN

I was in Greenville Thursday night for a blackout game against UCONN.  ECU got off to a slow start, but won the game putting them 6-1, bowl eligible and hopefully in the drivers seat to win out and go to a good bowl game.

10/23 ECU vs UCONN

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2014 ECU Football vs SMU

The SMU game was a fun day trip to Greenville for a noon game.  Here are a couple photos:

10/4 SMU vs ECU

10/4 SMU vs ECU

More photos starting here.

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2014 ECU Football vs UNC

ECU put up another dominating performance as they routed UNC in Greenville.  The tailgate was a lot of fun and so was the game.  What started as a slight Carolina blue sky day quickly turned to a purple and gold sunset as the Pirates got rolling.

More pictures and be sure to follow @WhiteTigerRV.

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2014 ECU Football vs NCCU

8/30 NCCU

The first ECU Football game of the year and we had a great time catching up with everyone and tailgating in the @WhiteTigerRV <- yes has a twitter account now.

8/30 NCCU

8/30 NCCU

8/30 NCCU


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2013 ECU Football vs UAB

Here’s this weeks tailgate: just me.

11/16 ECU vs UABJon tailgating by himself.

How is that I drive the farthest and get here first?

Stephanie was here and with her being due in a couple weeks and not keen to be going up and down a ton of steps, we were able to swap our seats for something with a few less steps – front row.

11/16 ECU vs UABAt our seats: Jon, JG, Stephanie

11/16 ECU vs UABJG, Stephanie, Jon, Wayne, Courtney, Missy, Preston, Cassie, Chuck, Gunner

11/16 ECU vs UABJon & PeeDee

11/16 ECU vs UAB

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2013 ECU vs. Tulsa

ECU played Tulsa on Saturday.  Despite a few electrical problems with the RV, we still had a fun time.  Here are a few photos:

11/9 ECU vs TulsaJG Troubleshooting electrical problems...

11/9 ECU vs TulsaChuck frying a turkey

11/9 ECU vs Tulsain the game.

11/9 ECU vs TulsaStaci, Brooklyn, Laurne, JG, Jon, Chris

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2013 ECU vs. Southern Miss

A couple photos from the ECU vs. Southern Miss football game on Saturday. With a little rain and a blowout, the crowd thinned early by the time these were taken at the end of the 3rd.

10/19 ECU vs Southern MissStaci, Lauren, Stephanie, JG, Jon

10/19 ECU vs Southern MissJon, Melissa, Ashley, Preston, Chuck

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2013 ECU vs Virginia Tech

We had quite at match up this weekend with ECU playing Virginia Tech in Football.  I even got into a bit of a fight with the Hokie bird.

In honor of the Hokies – we fried a turkey for our tailgate.

And former ECU player and Super Bowl-winning linebacker Robert Jones stopped by our tailgate.

In the end it wasn’t a game either team could be very proud of.  VT suck by us 10-15.

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2013 ECU vs Florida Atlantic University

9/5 ECU vs FAU

At the halfway of a crazy week – by the end of the weekend I’ll have driven well over 1,000 miles and have never left VA/NC.  Midweek ECU played Florida Atlantic in a Thursday night game. The game was a ‘black out’ with black uniforms, black lines on the fields and all the fans in black.  The game itself was a bit of a routing.  After the first 10 minutes FAU never really mounted any challenge.  Always fun to be in pirate country!

9/5 ECU vs FAU

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