Sunday was the Fishing Bay Yacht Club J/70 Spring Regatta with 6 boats racing in 14-16 gusting to 20 out of the West. With Andrew, Evan and Mark on board we had a great crew and were really able to get the boat around the course well in the higher winds.  We even kicked it up a gear planning downwind when we could.

We sailed 5 races with some pretty tight finishes with the other boats.  In 3 of the races we finished a boat length or less behind someone.  The shifty and puffy conditions made it both challenging to stay in phase and hard to keep changing modes to keep the boat going fast.

We finished a consistent 1-3-3-2-2 including having to restart on the final racing having been OCS.  Another great day.

The series concludes next Sunday at Spring Series #4.


It was a very, very light air day for the final day of the Fall Series at Fishing Bay Yacht Club and the final day of sailing for 2015 for J/70 No Quarter.  John, Andrew and Dave were aboard for a race that started in light air and over 2 hours later nobody was going to finish, so we ended up bagging it and call it a day.  With only 2-3 knots of wind and 1-2 knots of current coming right at us, we just couldn’t make the boat go at times.

Back on shore we dropped the mast and prepared the boat to go into the barn for the winter.

10/31 FBYC Offshore Fall Series 4



It was a breezy day with light clouds for FBYC‘s first day of the Fall Series.  Having not spent a lot of time sailing No Quarter in winds in the upper teens gusting into the low 20’s we certainly had our hands full.  Upwind in the first race we found our groove and worked the boat well.  Downwind we sailed conservatively and kept the boat in control.


By the 2nd race several boats dropped out and we led the first lap and a half before Full Monty passed just downwind just before the finish.



We had a great day for J/70 racing at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in the 2nd J/70 Summer Regatta.  With 7 boats and 6-13 knot winds we were able to sail 5 races in the mouth of the Piankatank River with the wind out of the south west.

We started a little slow having not learned our lesson about the current in this part of the Piankatank that we learned during the Laser Atlantic Coast Championship sailed in the same area last spring.  And we were also figuring out the boat sailing 3-up with Dave and Andrew.  But we got better as we went.  The crew work came together and we were able to put the boat where we wanted it.  The racing was close with Ron T and Clark/Drake and we wound up 2nd overall.


It was another beautiful night for J/70 sailing and Brad, Dave and Ron were aboard for it.  There were 3 other boats out and with the lightish wind we were finding our groove and actually holding our own against the other boats.  And then the forestay came undone.  The spinnaker halyard was quickly lashed to the bow and the sails brought down and we were done for the day.  At least we got 3 1/2 races in and didn’t do any real damage.


The 2015 Southern Chesapeake Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta was another opportunity to have the J/70 out for some racing.  Saturday was a 1 race day with thunderstorms approaching and Sunday we got 3 more races in. It was definitely a learning weekend as John, Stuart and Ron got more coordinated in all of the maneuvers – and I had my share of goofs driving.  All in all it was a good learning weekend and glad we got some more time in the boat.  Here are a few pictures of us in action by Andrea Winner and Ann Gray.